30 March 2009

CENSORSHIP LIVES~Galloway Ban Upheld~Thanks to Jewish Lobby Who Run Canada

Well it appears that the ADL of Canada controls the Government in the same way the ADL and AIPAC do in the USA. I find it stunning that a foreign country has this much of a grip on both Canada and the USA. Why should Americans, or Canadians for that matter bother to even vote as Israel is the real power in both countries.Note there is an update at the end as this story continues to develop

British MP banned from Canada
Edmonton / iNews880.com

Controversial British MP George Galloway's request for an injunction to enter Canada has been denied by a Federal Court judge.

The decision prevents Galloway from appearing in person at an event in Toronto this evening, the first of three scheduled events in Canada.

The federal government has told Galloway he could not enter Canada because he allegedly engaged in terrorist activities.

In a letter to Galloway, the government says the MP delivered humanitarian goods to war-torn Gaza and gave $45,000 to Hamas, which is a banned terrorist organization in Canada.

On Sunday, one of the lawyers who made the injunction bid said Galloway gave money to the head of the government in Gaza, not to the head of Hamas, even though they are the same person.

Organizers of Galloway's speaking tour have said the Toronto speech, scheduled for 7 p.m. ET, would go ahead - either in person if he wins the court injunction, or via video if he loses.

Don't belive the Jewish Jobby had anything to do with this decision? See here:

Galloway speech will aid Hamas, group alleges

A Federal Court judge in Toronto has upheld a Canadian travel ban for outspoken British MP and antiwar activist George Galloway.

George Galloway's planned visit to Canada is not just a speaking junket, but a fundraising tour that would benefit the outlawed terrorist group Hamas, the Canadian wing of the Jewish Defence League alleged yesterday.

The controversial Zionist group cited a press release from Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, one of Mr. Galloway's hosts, that said a Montreal event on Wednesday "will aim to raise additional funds for Galloway's Gaza aid caravan."

Meir Weinstein, national director of JDL, said he did not know if it was his March 16 letter, citing Mr. Galloway's own promotional material, that tipped the Conservative government to the visit.

Mr. Weinstein said he is primarily concerned with the fundraising, not the famously bombastic content of Mr. Galloway's speeches.

He said concerns over free speech made him feel "damned if you do, and damned if you don't." But he said he "can't accept being relegated to second rate status, that we don't have a right to object."

"We would oppose him speaking anywhere and we would oppose any apologist or supporter of Hamas," he said. "But whether or not the government would prevent that, I don't know. We're not taking a stand on the issue of free speech here... It's extremely dangerous what this individual represents."

Laith Marouf, branches coordinator for Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights in Montreal, said that for the JDL to accuse others of supporting terrorism "is like the pot calling the kettle black."

He referred to the FBI's description of JDL as "a violent extremist Jewish organization." Among other critics, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls it a "hate group," and denounces its "long history of bombing, assaulting and threatening its perceived enemies."

JDL's Canada wing was recently reformed under Mr. Weinstein after a period of inactivity.

Mr. Marouf said Mr. Galloway's aid caravan brought humanitarian and medical aid to Gaza, and did not support terrorism.

"That is what we are aiming to raise funds for," Mr. Marouf said, adding that the money would be given as a donation to the British charity Viva Palestina.

This charity, backed by Mr. Galloway, has said it raised around $2-million, largely as a result of public outcry at Israel's offensive there in January.

I find it rich that the ADL has the audacity to cite "terrorist" activity when people are making charitable donations for humanitarian aid to people who just suffered a holocaust committed by Nazi Israelis. This when the ADL has a legacy of being a terrorist group. They are just terrorists in suits, without balaclavas!

see HERE form the FBI website!

"Investigation by the Los Angeles JTTF revealed that Irving Rubin and Earl Krugel were active members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), a known violent extremist Jewish Organization. A Cooperating Witness reported statements made by Rubin and Krugel indicating a plan to attack the Islamic Muslim Public Affairs Council (IMPAC) office in Los Angeles or possibly the California office of United States Congressman Darrell Issa. Statements made by Kruger indicated the motivation for the attack was to serve as a "wake up call" to the Muslim Community. Rubin and Krugel were arrested by members of the Los Angeles JTTF for conspiring to build and place an improvised explosive device at the IMPAC office. Irving Rubin committed suicide and Earl Krugel's charges are pending."

Who's the real "terrorists"
So, it appears the Israeli terrorists are allowed to grow and flourish, however, those who want to help collect humanitarian aid for the victims of those terrorists are now considered the terrorists. Yes, perhaps in Bizarro Land

Travel ban upheld for outspoken British MP Galloway
Ruling leaves open the possibility that there could be a full hearing on whether Mr. Galloway can enter Canada at a later date. Barbara Jackman, who represented Mr. Galloway and his supporters, said she was disappointed with the decision.

"The court was asked to do something courageous, to defend free speech," said Ms. Jackman, who added that she is not aware of any other British MP ever being denied entry to Canada.

She indicated there may be a full hearing at a later date to decide if Mr. Galloway can enter the country in the future.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to contact the State Dept and ask them whether I should get a dual Israeli citizenship or fully relinquish my American citizenship in order to have my voice and vote actually count. Then again, I'm not Jewish and I despise Zionism, so I don't think I'd be more than a second class citizen as far as Israel is concerned anyway.

I used to dislike Canada because of their habit of clubbing baby seals; I guess voluntarily defending the bombing of Palestinian babies wasn't such a huge leap.

Screw you, Canada. Way to FAIL.

Glenn Dormer said...

George Galloway is right about the zionazis war crimes in Gaza and the Canadian government is COMPLETELY wrong.
Glenn Dormer Canadian

Anonymous said...

Most important thing to remember is that Canadian government is firmly in grip of the Zionists. 90% of Canadians would never relinquish their right to free speech in order to support the Zionist, baby murderers.

Viva Palestina libre

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