13 March 2009



Are you a struggling American, having a hard time making ends meet, about to loose your home or job? Well, while you are going without and suffering, rejoice, because AIPAC and Israel are stealing your money by abusing the Fair Trade Agreement. A very scary piece written by Ray Hanania at Arab Writers Group.

Israel’s government abuses Free Trade Agreement with US

Americans lose billions in revenues and thousands of jobs

IRmep Director Grant Smith explained this week, is the trade secrets provided by American businesses to negotiate a favorable program have been obtained by Israel’s government and by AIPAC, Israel’s powerful lobbying organization that silences Israel’s critics in American business and in the United States House and Senate.

“The US government solicited confidential business information from affected businesses and trade associations to share their trade secrets, market share, and other sensitive information with the US government to negotiate the best deal,”

“Israel was the very first beneficiary of a free trade agreement with the US. But last year, new details were revealed about how Israel and the lobbying group AIPAC obtained the business trade secrets submitted by American companies.”

US industry, counter espionage agencies and the US Trade Representative (USTR) continue to combat the misuse of intellectual property of US companies obtained by Israeli companies exporting to the world, and preferentially to the US market.

According to a petition drafted by the American Coalition for Fair Trade to be filed April 6, 2009, the trade deficit with Israel continues to increase at a great cost to the American people.


Just released 14 March, audio file of interview that Ray Hanania did with with Gary Smith via Radio Chicago on 11th March take this LINK to listen and please pass this on!!!


FatNSassy said...

Leave it to the Irish to tell the truth. Alas, the people of the U.S. don't seem to have the will to research things for themselves. They are content to believe what they hear in MSM. So what if others rule their lives. Sheeple are comfortable being herded I guess!

Anonymous said...

Israel is branded by main stream media as our indispensable ally. What Israel says, apparently we must blindly do. Israel believes, and many seem to agree (especially MSM), that what is good for Israel is good for the USA. I am a dissenter on this opinion. I think we should cut them loose to internalize the results of their own policies. We have too many problems at home to succor a problem child on the international stage

Anonymous said...

THE US needs Israel like a dog needs fleas !

escapefromobamastan said...

I think it's time that AIPAC be publicly outed for the foreign spy agency that it is.

BanSidhe said...

AIPAC is a cancer in America, it has a stranglehold on American politicians and media. If not for Israel controlling so much of American foreign policy, then American would be in a far better position I the world. It could be the country it was meant to be, it could lead the way in Democracy. However, it appears that it is actually Israel that holds the real power in the USA, one only need to look at Obama’s attempt to bring in Charles Freeman. I suggest people look at supporting J-Street as they are a progressive jewish anti war lobby group (PAC) in opposition to AIPAC, that appears to be able to be reasoned with. See my post about J-Street for more info. It has to start somewhere.

Anonymous said...

ANTISEMITES!!! shame on you all!

BanSidhe said...

CHILD KILLERS!!!! shame on you!!

Why dont you take your right wing neocon anti-arab racist zionist lobby groups out of American politics, as you are making this world and unsafe place for the rest of us with your fixation on attacking your Arab neigbhours and stealing their land.

How does it feel defending the most hated country in the world now? You can Thank Israel's evil governmnet for that one, ordering the holocaust on Gaza, shame on YOU!

Anonymous said...

An mp3 of the interview that Ray Hanania did with with Gary Smith via Radio Chicago on 11th March has been uploade to our website.


Please feel free to download and redistribute this audio file. It is crucial that this important information receives a wider audience. AIPAC must continue to be exposed for the Israeli fifth-column that it is.

Nice blog, by the way, keep-up the good work!

BanSidhe said...

Happy Days! will post it and pass it on.

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