16 June 2009

Good Take on the Iran Thing

Saw a brilliant interview with Robert Fisk who is in Iran this morning. I agree with 99% of what he was saying. The Western media is pushing this idea that all the unrest we are seeing in Iran is because people want to overthrow the Islamic Republic, which I think is a dangerous thing to be pushing, but hey, the media have an agenda. Fisk agrees and says this is not about overthrowing an Islamic state, they just want get rid of Ahmadinejad and have faith in the voting process.

I said a few days ago that I thought Ahmadinejad probably won the election fair and square, only not by the margin that was reported. Fisk thinks this as well. He says that Ahmadinejad most likely won with about 52-53% but that his backers wanted to thwart the Reformists and make them look smaller than they are by inflating Ahmadinejad’s percentage numbers.

Now they are faced with a massive problem, something will now have to be done. Whereas if they had let things go as they turned out, we’d not be seeing so much turmoil and people would not have lost faith in the election process. To suggest that Mousavi had such a low amount of support in his own home town was moronic, announcing the results so quickly, again stupid. Endorsing those results so quickly, again stupid. All of this has lead to what we now see. Additionally, there will have to be some form of resolution now, and indeed we have already seen some astonishing things taking place, such as a re-count being ordered.

Fisk thinks that there is a possibility that the rulers may locate a scapegoat, some person or organisation that “miscounted” votes.

At any rate, this will be interesting to watch over the coming days.