29 June 2009

"Shalit" May Not Be Alive

President Jimmy Carter recently delivered a letter from Israel addressed to Gilad Shalit the IDF prisoner of war. HAMAS says they will deliver the letter to Shalit "if he survived" the recent Gaza holocaust. Perhaps Israel should have thought about how severely they bombed and the types of weapons they used. Raining down white phosphorous and DIME missiles, they may have murdered one of their own.
Hamas leader Dr Osama Am-Maziny promised on Monday to deliver a letter from the family of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit if the prisoner survived Israeli's assault on Gaza last winter.

"Hamas received the letter and promised to send it to the relevant persons. If he is alive it will reach him, but if he is dead it won’t reach him because we actually don’t know if he is still alive after the Gaza war," he said.

Former US President Jimmy Carter had delivered a letter from the family of the captured soldier to Hamas officials in Gaza earlier this month, in an attempt to restart flailing negotiations over his fate and the fate of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

"Carter asked for a confirmation from us and we replied that we don’t know the real fact about whether he is dead or alive after Gaza’s war," Am-Maziny added.

Meanwhile, the Hamas official noted that Shalit's location is an extremely guarded secret, and that Israel "doesn't know where [Shalit] is in spite of its spies," adding that recent reports that Israel does not know whether the soldier is alive is true, "not a media speech."

Regardless, the official said that there has been little progress on the soldier's case, but that in the first year of Shalit's detainment, there were understandings reached with Israel. Am-Maziny said that such negotiations ended with the administration of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who left office earlier this year. source

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Watch Israel call them liars and game players with these statements and make them look more foul than they usually try to.

I was wondering that myself actually, if he even survived. And who will be blamed if he did not? I mean, if they dropped a bomb on his place. Who will be blamed?

You betcha! It won't be someone carrying the Star of David!

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