25 July 2009

The Abbas-Arafat Murder Accusation Deepens

Well, this is certainly interesting, another possible nail in the coffin of Abbas's reign as King. I reported on July 14th about the accusations from FATAH senior official Farouq Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee where he claims Abbas colluded with Sharon to murder Yassir Arafat. And now it appears he has tapes to help prove his accusations. FATAH is in serious trouble, never mind about HAMAS and FATAH unity as Fatah has bigger problems to sort out within it's own ranks. Report below:
Source: Qaddoumi has audio tapes supporting his accusations against Abbas

A Palestinian informed source in Damascus revealed on condition of anonymity that Farouk Al-Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee, has audio tapes of late president Yasser Arafat that support his accusations against Mahmoud Abbas and Mohamed Dahlan.

Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Wednesday quoted the source as saying that Qaddoumi has solid evidence including documents and audio tapes made by Arafat when Israel isolated him in his besieged headquarters in Ramallah, specifically when he discharged Abbas from his post as a premier.

The source added that there are also testimonies given by Fatah leaders Mohamed Jihad and Hani Al-Hasan that prove the involvement of Abbas and Dahlan in the killing of Arafat.

According to the source, Qaddoumi is making nowadays contacts with Fatah leaders living abroad and with leaders of Al-Aqsa Brigades at home so as not to leave the arena for Abbas who controls the central committee and the revolutionary council at will while Dahlan oversees everything regarding the sixth conference of Fatah.

The source noted that the majority of the Palestinian factions based in Damascus made a decision to protect and defend Qaddoumi and his national history.