20 May 2010


If this were a Synagogue the US media would be outraged and Obama would be forced to make an immediate statement approved and written by the ADL.
On May 10th, a middle-aged man carried a can of gasoline and a pipe bomb into the Jacksonville Islamic Center of Northeast Florida during evening prayers and detonated it. Fortunately, there were no injuries to people, though the bomb did damage property.
We reported on a similar incident on May 11th, HERE. And now another one, only this time much worse. Crooks and Liars have a good piece on it below:
The surveillance video gives a fairly decent picture of this man, who is clearly white, middle-aged, and on a mission. the FBI investigating it as a hate crime and possible domestic terrorism.

"It was a dangerous device, and had anybody been around it they could have been seriously injured or killed," says Special Agent James Casey. "We want to sort of emphasize the seriousness of the thing and not let people believe that this was just a match and a little bit of gasoline that was spread around."

Casey says surveillance video from the Islamic Center shows the arsonist carrying gasoline and the pipe bomb. When the explosive went off, parts of it were found 100 feet away on 9A.
There's a deep pattern of anti-Islam behavior in Florida. CommonDreams.org has the list. It's a story worthy of attention by every single citizen in this country. Read it all here