02 February 2009

01/02/09 1400 Flags for Palestine

1400 Flags for Palestine Victims

Bloody Sunday March for Gaza, Derry, N Ireland 2009-02-02

History: Back in 1972 people here had a peaceful march for civil rights. The British soldiers shot and killed 14 unarmed civilians, mostly children. That day is called Bloody Sunday. Since then each year we hold a march to remember them. This year the Families of those killed and the march organisers, decided to show support for Palestine this year. We sold 1400 Palestinian flags, one for each person killed by Israel in this murderous attack on Gaza. The proceeds from the flags will go to medical aid for Palestine.

The march has never done this before, this is amazing. So many people came out for the march, about 4 thousand or so. The march itself stretched for about one mile, it was a sea of Palestinian flags .

Many high ranking politicians from Sinn Fein were there and carried banners for Palestine. Gerry Adams MP MLA Sinn Fein President, Martin McGuinness MP MLA Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister, Raymond McCartney MLA Sinn Fein former hunger striker, Maeve McLaughlin Sinn Fein councillor Derry, Martina Anderson MLA Sinn Fein Derry, and Gerry MacLochlainn Councillor Sinn Fein Derry.