06 February 2009

08/02/09 UPDATED -"Mothers Across the World for Gaza"

An initiative from Derry Northern Ireland, has spread around the world through the power
of internet social-networking.

On a Saturday afternoon in January a group of Derry anti-war protesters had gathered in Waterloo Place and read aloud the names of the children killed in Israel’s recent attack on Gaza. After photographs of that event appeared on the internet they were contacted by a group of women in Beirut who wanted to organise a similar event but had been unable to obtain a list of names. Now thanks to collaboration between the two groups the initiative has spread around the world.

As a result, on Sunday, 8th February,2009 mothers in several cities around the world will be gathering with their children, families and friends in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

This is part of a global solidarity event taking place across the Middle East, Europe, the US and Canada, marking the 40th day commemoration of the death of the first child in Gaza.

Synchronised events are taking place around the world in:

Amman, Beirut, Ballybofey, Derry, Dubai, Edmonton-Alberta, Helsinki, Manchester, Nablus and Palo Alto-CA and other places.

Through the simple act of reading aloud the names of the children killed we aim to counteract the dehumanisation of the casualties as cold statistics.

This event is taking place on the steps Between Richmond Centre and Foyleside Shopping Centre
(at the junction of Linenhall Street and Newmarket Street.)

Men, women and children are invited to join us as we offer our support and condolences to the mothers of Gaza. We will be reading the names of more than four hundred children killed by Israel’s attack on Gaza.

The area administered by Derry City Council is roughly the same size as Gaza. The people of Derry have kept the memory of those killed on Bloody Sunday for 37 years. The scale of death and destruction in Israel’s attack on Gaza was such that they have suffered the equivalent of one hundred Bloody Sundays in less than a month.

This event is organised under the auspices of ‘Mothers Across the World for Gaza’, but you don’t have to be a mother to take part.

We invite everyone from Derry who wants to express their support for the people of Gaza to come along on Sunday. Whether it is to listen, or to share in the reading of the names, everyone will be welcome to take part.
This is part of a global initiative:


that would be happy to have other locations join in.
Related Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=48176191723


Anyone in the North of Ireland are very welcome to come and show your support, Or why not organise your own event in your city or town!!