09 March 2009

2:00 UPDATES on convoy and celebrations

**note** if you want to keep up to date use this url http://irish4palestine.blogspot.com/ as I will be making additional blogs on this as things happen George Galloway to speak soon, will post about that when it happens

live at 2:00 PM Ridley says, Al Arish stadium is filled with aid for Palestine sent from around the world, but Egypt is not sending it in. They are calling on Egypt to start allowing aid into Gaza and to keep the Rafah border open

Gaza journalist looking for more interviews.

Various members of the convoy from England are being interviewed now. I see the Manchester van on television, Oh the ambulances are arriving, this is great!! All packed with aid, people are rejoicing, this is amazing, truly amazing, there are no words for what I’m seeing now. People are on top of the vehicles celebrating, waving Palestinian flags, people crying, over joyed, this is too much.

Children who filled shoe boxes for the children of Gaza, Oh this is something to see. Everyone is so emotional, horns honking, cheering and drums beating. So emotional. Every vehicle that comes into Gaza must remain in Gaza.

Just saying that some of the people not he convoy have relatives in Gaza and it’s the first time they will see their families in many years, so emotional

Muslim man form England being interviewed now, he’s emotional to see Palestine and set foot on his land. Flowers being given to him.

Massive celebration, over 20 trucks form Birmingham have arrived.

More to come as it happens

Lauren Booth has just arrived, in tears