15 March 2009

BREAKING~British Delegation in Talks with HAMAS

British Delegation in Syria- Holds Talks with HAMAS

Irish member of parliament Chris Andrews (C) speaks as Scottish member of parliament Sandra White (R), British member of parliament Clare Short (2nd R), British member of parliament Lynne Jones (2nd L) and British Baroness Lindsay Northover (3nd L)

Obviously at the behest of the USA, So Obama and Clinton can keep up the premise they won’t talk to HAMAS. After all they can’t piss off the Israelis, now can they? So they have the Brits do it for them, typical politics.

MPs meet Hamas leader in Damascus

DAMASCUS (Reuters) - Four members of the British parliament met Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal on Saturday and urged their government to end its boycott of the Palestinian group "to achieve just peace."

"We need to talk to Hamas to make progress (towards peace) because they represent a big proportion of the Palestinians," Clare Short, an MP of the governing Labour Party, told reporters.

Short said after meeting Meshaal that opening up discussions with Hamas immediately would "move things forward in the hope that we in the end achieve just peace."

The meeting was publicised, in contrast to several European politicians who met Meshaal in the last few months away from the spotlight.

The delegation included a second Labour member of the House of Commons and two Liberal Democrat members of the upper chamber, the House of Lords. One Irish parliamentarian and one member of the Scottish parliament were also present.

Parliamentarians from Italy and Greece are expected to visit Damascus to meet Meshaal next week.

I do quite like Claire Short, she is excellent I must say.