29 March 2009

Galloway Ban Possibly Lifted Today?

Lawyers hope to get Galloway ban lifted today

Updated Sun. Mar. 29 2009 12:45 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

Lawyers representing George Galloway will appear in federal court on Sunday in an attempt to overturn a government decision that bars the controversial British MP from entering Canada.

Galloway's lawyers are seeking an injunction that will allow him to follow through with four Canadian speaking engagements, planned for this week.

The legal team was expected to make its arguments in Toronto during a scheduled 11 a.m. court appearance.

The federal government accuses Galloway, an outspoken anti-war advocate, of supporting groups that it says engage in terrorist acts.

It appears the government's allegation stems from the fact Galloway made a $45,000 donation to the Hamas government in Gaza, and helped deliver humanitarian goods after Israel's military offensive in the region.

Last week, Galloway told CTV's Question Period that ambulances and medical supplies must be delivered through Hamas because they are the democratically elected government in the Gaza Strip.

The Canadian government includes Hamas on its list of banned terrorist groups.

James Clark, the organizer of Galloway's speaking tour, said that if Galloway is not allowed into the country, he will speak via an electronic link.


Mathew said...

Let all freedom supporting people Worldwide praise and thank Mr. George Galloway in his efforts against the Jewish killing and destruction in Gaza.

The question is ---Who pulled the triggers for the destruction in Gaza?

It was the Israeli Army, Navy and Air Force that did all the killing and destruction in Gaza and they were all 100% Jews ,their tanks, guns, missiles etc. all had Jewish emblems and the whole "crime" was overwhelming supported by Jews Worldwide ----------

They were all Jews but none dare say it ?????

Simply put the Goyim and the Jews have to admit that there is a Jewish problem --- that Judaism has long been hijacked by a Nazi gang of thugs who convinced 95% of Jews Worldwide that "Gaza" was OK !!

Many of these Jewish Military killers wear "T" shirts saying stuff like "The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian" which has been promoted by Rabbis and Jewish Zealots in Israel.


http://chosenworld.livejournal.c...al.com/ 684.html

BTW -- When did the Jews say the non Jewish Zionists could move to "Israel" ????

Mathew said...

Thank you Mr Galloway on behalf of Humanity.

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