30 March 2009

UPDATE~US Involvement in Sudanese Attack

Well after several days of "Mum's the word" from the USA and Israel regarding who carried out the TWO bombings in Sudan during January and February 2009. We now have some interesting info coming out. Remember I wrote about it HERE and HERE that it was suspicious and that only two countries would have the air capabilities to carry out such and attack, e.g. Israel or America, well, looky here, today the US has said it "warned" Sudan of the coming air strikes. Translation, the US was involved and assisted Israel in some fashion as it was well aware of what was about to take place. I reckon "hope" and "change" may not have arrived in Washington after all. Story below

Report: U.S. warned Sudan before attack on Gaza convoy

The U.S. warned the Sudanese government that weapons were being smuggled into the Gaza Strip through its territory ahead of a recent attack on a Gaza-bound arms convoy, which foreign media has attributed to the Israel Air Force, the pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported Monday.

a senior American official transferred a message to a Sudanese government official and asked him to make sure that the message makes its way to Sudan's leaders in Khartoum so that immediate steps can be taken to put a stop to the smuggling of weapons. The sources said that the Sudanese security establishment declared that the issue would be investigated, shortly before the first attack.

Doesn't look as though any time was given for the Sudanese Government to investigate, the US and Israel decided to act without allowing any time for any investigations. What a disgrace, 39 killed and civilians injured!

On Friday, the American network ABC reported that the IAF had targeted a convoy of trucks in Sudan carrying Iranian weapons to Gaza in January. According to the report, 39 people riding in 17 trucks were killed, and civilians in the area sustained injuries.

And why was the convoy not stopped and the drivers arrested, why were the murdered? Additionally civilians were harmed as well. This is not right, arrest them, but what gives Israel and America the right to bomb inside another country. I guarantee if this had been some country like Russia, Egypt or some other Middle East country, they would not have been so "trigger happy" form the air!

In light of the fact that the attacks occurred in such close proximity to the American warning, Sudanese officials initially assumed that it was the U.S. that was behind the bombings. However, when the U.S. denied involvement, the accusations were pointed at Israel, which has yet to confirm or deny the reports.

I see what's going on here. Each side (Israel & America) points to the other by carefully making comments, or not making comments. Leaving the world to "wonder" which one carried out the bombings and killings. After all, we can't have those anti-war people who elected Obama thinking he's a "Bush in Change Clothing", now can we?

On Friday, the spokesman for the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that Sudan was investigating the attacks and collecting evidence at the scene, but will not respond until the investigation is complete.

He added that the convoys were likely smuggling goods, but not weapons.