13 April 2009

2 Men Seized by Israeli Undercover Ops

And Israel wonders why it is hated? Armed Israeli Zionist settlers on stolen land, attack Palestinians and they fight back, the IDF comes in and protects the armed settlers, then days later the Palestinians get arrested. Yeah, great brand of justice by Israel you racist Nazi apartheid rogue state, bout sums it up I think. Report below:

Hebron – Ma’an – Undercover Israeli operatives seized two Palestinians from the West village Beit Ummar and Safa, north of the city of Hebron on Monday evening.

Local sources identified the detainees Samih Mahmoud Abdel Fattah At-Teet, 37, from nearby Safa, and Ashraf Bahjat Al-Allami, from Beit Ummar.

According to relatives of Samih At-Teet, four men dressed in civilian clothes arrived the family house in Safa, claiming that they wanted to buy a car from him. The family gave the men At-Teet’s mobile phone number and informed them that he would be returning from nearby Bethlehem within 15 minutes.

Later, when At-Teet arrived in Beit Ummar, men stepped from a civilian car and seized him, spiriting him away.

Al-Allami was also grabbed from the street at the same time. Both men are being held in an unknown location.

Last week Palestinians from Safa and Beit Ummar engaged in violent clashes with Israeli soldiers after armed Israeli settlers attacked Safa. Some 38 people were wounded in the rioting, including a teenager who was shot in the neck.