18 April 2009

Hugo Chavez Teaches History to Obama

Chavez cracks me up, he presented Obama with a book outlining 500 years of European and US colonization of Latin America LOL. Also, a little FYI, Chavez has his own radio show, and I hear that sometimes he even sings on it....Anyway, I hope obama read the book, he might learn something.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has presented his American counterpart with a book on Latin America, echoing his previous remarks that Barack Obama needs to learn more about the region.

The book titled Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent was handed to Obama during his meeting with Chaves at a summit in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday. And offers a critique of the consequences of 500 years of European and US colonization of Latin America.

At the start of the first plenary session at the Summit of the Americas, President Obama was asked what he thought of Chavez's gift.

In March, 2009 Chavez described Barack Obama as a 'poor ignoramus' adding that he "should read a little bit so that he learns about the reality," referring to Latin America.

However, it seems that after the Fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, Chavez has softened his stance toward the US and its president.

"I feel great optimism and the best of good will to advance. We have started off on the right foot," Chavez said in a statement after a dozen South American leaders met with President Barack Obama on Saturday morning at the Fifth Summit of the Americas (SOA).

"It's time to have a true start of a new history, for there to be balance, that there's an end to the mechanisms of domination," Chavez said. link