30 April 2009

Israel Wiped Off the Map

Awe, today the Jerusalem Post is all in a dither as British Airline BMI removes Israel from its electronic maps available for customers. BMI flies to many Arab and Muslim states in the region and BMI did not want to offend its passengers. Show your support and fly BMI when you can. Story below:

Cheap British carrier BMI, which launched lines flying to Tel Aviv inMarch, deleted Israel from electronic maps presented to passengers on its flights so as not to offend Islam, Army Radio reported Thursday afternoon.

However, the orientation of Mecca, the direction to which Muslim face when they pray, is shown on the electronic screens. In the electronic maps presented on BMI flights to Tel Aviv, Israel or any of its cities are not marked, except for Haifa, which is spelled 'Khefa,' a transliteration of the Arab name of the city as it was called before 1948.

BMI operates many lines to Muslim destinations and presents the 'Mecca Compass' as a service to its many Muslim passengers. The company flies from England to Syria, Lebanon and Iran, among other Muslim destinations. Source
And this report as well, boy the Zionists are really getting pissed off LOL
Irate Israeli passengers have complained to British BMI airline that the Jewish state was wiped off the inflight map which showed flights bound for Israel were instead heading to Mecca.

But the airline denied any anti-Israel agenda and insisted there was a simple explanation: the planes were recently bought from a bankrupt charter company that flew mainly to Muslim countries.

"For this reason the inflight entertainment system in the two planes was made to adapt to the passengers flying to and from those destinations and therefore the map showed mainly places holy to Islam," BMI said in a statement.

But after furious passengers took up the issue with the authorities, an Israeli official made it clear that either the Jewish state appears on the maps or BMI disappears from its skies.

"Doing business with Israel has its advantages and disadvantages, but we will not agree to a situation where they hide the existence of Israel but want to do business with Israel," transport ministry director-general Gideon Sitterman told army radio.

"I intend to contact BMI chairman Nigel Turner in London and ask for some clarifications... it is unacceptable that we are wiped off the map," he said.source
ROTFLMAO "unacceptable"