13 April 2009

Israel's 82 MILLION DOLLAR Rip Off

Well, this is just, no, I have no words.........

Kazakhstan's security service accused the defense ministry of buying defective military hardware from Israel on Monday, in a rare public spat exposing long-running tensions among the security elite.

The Central Asian state's KNB service, the successor agency to the Soviet-era KGB, said it was investigating a number of unnamed defense ministry officials on suspicion of purchasing faulty artillery and other defense systems from Israeli firms.

"These systems had not been completed properly, they are still in the phase of research and development," KNB spokesman Kenzhebulat Beknazarov told a briefing.

"The KNB is investigating actions by a number of defense ministry officials during the signing of contracts with Israeli companies," he said. The government had incurred losses of $82 million as a result, he added.

Israeli defense officials were not available for comment. source
( Israel probably keeps all the good stuff from America for itself, you know like the white phosphorus an dDIME missles it used on civilians, and then pawns off the crap weapons to other countries, as seems to be evident here in this report!)