26 April 2009

Karma Coming to Israel

It has been reported today that an Israeli returning to Israel from Mexico, has come down with swine flu and is in hospital. Thus, Israel now has it's first case of the deadly swine flu. Two things, one, Israeli officials are calling on Israelis to "keep themselves as clean as possible" I kid you not (see below). Secondly, for once, Israel's siege on Palestine may have done some good, it has kept Palestinians from being able to travel outside of Palestine, thus keeping them safe from swine flu. Israel on the other hand is now suffering from "karma" Just sayin....

Swine flu scare in Israel: Netanya man feared ill

Authorities fear a case of swine flu may have made it to Israel after a 26-year-old Israeli who just returned from a trip to Mexico on Sunday checked himself into the hospital reporting flu-like symptoms.

After consulting with the Health Ministry, the Foreign Ministry recommended that Israelis keep as clean as possible and avoid crowded areas. It also called on them to visit a doctor immediately if they suspect they have contracted the virus. link

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Barbara L said...

One thing sweetheart. Last night I spent hours in a woeful state of mind. Before the slaughter began, Sami Habeeb had posted a series of children getting out of school, omg I loved the laughing little girls and boys. Just great shots ~ Sami has a way of making children shine.

I had just written him telling him how I wondered those kids had fared, had they survived, I wondered about them often.

Last night I found he had posted a new series of the children taken recently. I recognized one of the children by her coat. It hung much more loosely on her small frame.

The sparkling eyes were dull and full of such pain, surrounded by black circles, the faces of all the children thinner, noses running, mouths set, expressions to break your heart.

They all begin to show signs of malnutrition and disease that come from the usual lack of everything, as well as living in camps instead of homes.

If such a thing as this swine flu is carried into Palestine, and it would inevitably happen, what of these children? What of their suffering parents?

A little while later, I read that thousands of boxes of food assembled as "family boxes" were rotting at the border. Why? Because each box contained a bottle of honey! Honey is not deemed "essential".

(I just removed the curse I put on those monsters. I am very good at leveling curses, something I do not do any more. But I had it typed in then thought better of it. They always come back on you.)

I think, if that bug gets into Palestine, it will spread like wildfire due to the proximity of the people to each other. The death rate would be high, simply due to lack of sanitation and poor health.

And you can bet those demon djinn from Israel would make sure it DOES get in there! A little help with the genocide project.

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