15 April 2009

PROZAC NEEDED~Paranoid Israel Prepares for War

Israel is suffering from paranoia, they need our help, we must be their "Prozac"

Ok,I feel a rant coming on... I was just checking the latest news online about the Middle East and Israel. And to my amazement (not really) what do I find but THIS article about Israel being “set to mobilize its army and hold the largest military exercise in its history to psych up the public for the breaking out of war” I kid you not. Now, I am including the article below, but before that I want to point out that Israel is insane and suffers from deep paranoia. Yes, they are, and I can prove it. Follow along and see what I mean.
Firstly let’s look at the WIKI definition of “paranoia” a good place to start:

Paranoia is a thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself

Now, if that is not a direct description of the mindset of the vast majority of Israelis and their government, I don't know what is. Keep in mind this statement by Israel regarding it's up-coming prep for war: "Israel is set to mobilize its army and hold the largest military exercise in its history to psych up the public for the breaking out of war

You see this is the problem, they are paranoid. No one is attacking them; they have the 4th largest army in the WORLD along with US protection and backing. Yet, they are always the victim. And this paranoia makes them obsess constantly about their neighbours. Really it's all Israelis do, live in paranoid fear of perceived threats that don't exist. And they "use" the holocaust to feed those irrational fears.

Now, next look at these descriptions of paranoid behaviour, what an eye opener, think Israel as you read them

What is paranoia?

Being paranoid means being suspicious without reason, and believing that others are trying to harm you in some way. particularly if life hasn't treated him or her well. But people who are prone to paranoia always dread some forthcoming attack or betrayal.

(Iran, Lebanon, Palestine????)

They are forever anticipating that something awful will happen, and trying to second-guess what their adversaries might do.

(Now THAT is a 100% accurate description of Israel if I ever read one!)

Paranoid personality disorder

Paranoid personality disorder is another diagnosis, which clinicians consider if the problem has been around for some time, perhaps since adolescence. Commonly, people will have little or no insight into their condition and will never have asked for treatment.

(see here, the adult Israelis teach the paranoia to their children and the paranoia perpetuates itself, generation after generation, never ending. They can't stop it because they cannot see they are sick. So, it is up to the rest of the non-paranoid world to "help" Israel not allowing them to continue to attack Arabs and Muslims because of their paranoia)

Delusional or paranoid disorder

Sometimes, someone who functions quite well in day-to-day life develops one particular dominating, paranoid idea, of great complexity, that puts them at odds with those around them. This is sometimes called a delusional or paranoid disorder.

(this is how Israel is seen in the world, paranoid and at odds with the world. They are sick and need our help, the US and the rest of the world must help Israel realise it is suffering from a perpetuating illness. Only when Israel becomes well, can they see just how sick they really were.)

Childhood influences

If a child is brought up to believe that the world is a very unsafe place and that people are horrible, this may mould their personality in a paranoid direction.

(Whoa, I say, nail-hammer-head-Israel all the teaching they do with their children, teaches them to follow in the footsteps of their parents and fellow countrymen, paranoid and delusional)

They also have a tendency to jump to conclusions, and to be hasty and overconfident in their thinking.

(Attack Iran, even though they have no nuclear weapons, but they said they hate us so lets kill all those Iranians NOW)

They will seek out information that confirms their beliefs and, at the same time, ignore evidence that contradicts them. Their view of the world tends to be very narrow and to neglect the broader context

(BINGO! Israel absolutely IGNORES fact and reason, and only focuses on what confirms their paranoia. For instance, if hamas says it wants peace, automatically Israel discounts this because they are paranoid. Moreover, let’s talk Iran. Israel instils this irrational fear into their population by constantly repeating the mantra that Iran says Israel ahs no right to exist. Those are just "words" not a declaration of war on Israel by Iran.....Yet, in the paranoid Israeli mind, this translates into an automatic war, hence this has been their focus for the last two years. Now, I can go outside and stand on my rooftop and scream "Israel has no right to exist" and does that mean it will happen? Better yet, does that mean Israel can attack my entire country? But that is what Israel does, it practices collective punishment.)

So, they very easily get "the wrong end of the stick", and focus on small details rather than the big picture. These thinking errors are known as cognitive biases. They can interfere with social relationships and also lead the person to think in a strange way - causing further social difficulties, and creating a vicious circle.

( Well there you go, this explains why Israel always sees itself as the victim. Additionally, the thought process is skewed and they think in a paranoid way, unlike the rest of the world. This, as the snippet above says, alienates them from the rest of us. This alienation further separates Israel and then this feeds into their mantra of poor little Israel the victim, it's a never ending cycle!)

What treatments are available?

Very often, people have little insight into their state of mind, and don't accept that there is anything wrong with them. They may have built up an immensely complex delusional system on the basis of a single incident -

(That single incident being the "Holocaust" Oooooh never again!!!!!!!! Paranoia!!! Now let's be serious here, in this day and age, in 2009, Israel would be wiped off the face of the earth? All Jews killed? Again, I repeat, 4th largest army in the world with nukes!! And, do they really think the world would allow that to happen? Seriously, If Israel was not infected with paranoia, perhaps they'd see that the reason people are so against them is due to their illness and actions against others. If the situation were reversed, and Israel had just been attacked by Palestine, with the 4th largest army with American back up, with American weapons, killing hundreds of innocent people and children, with all it's borders locked, no where to run or be safe. Well, we would all be calling for freedom and justice for Israel. But, that is not what has happened, it’s the other way round, get it Israel?????)

What can family and friends do?

Living with a paranoid person is exceedingly distressing, made worse by the person's own lack of insight into their condition, and occasional aggressive outbreaks.

(those occasional aggressive outbreaks cost the lives of hundreds of innocent people, so they MUST STOP! America wake up, you are supposedly "friends" with Israel, so now be a good friend and help them with their paranoia. Step in and save them from themselves now, before more innocent people loose their lives due to Israeli mental illness. Mentally Ill people should not have access to weapons. So the sooner Obama gets rid of all the nukes the better and that must include Israel’s nukes as well!!)

Now, I ask you to think about all this when you read this article below:

Israel is set to mobilize its army and hold the largest military exercise in its history to psych up the public for the breaking out of war.

The head of Israel's Department for Population at the Home Front Command Colonel Hilik Sofer said the extensive exercise would be conducted in less than two months on June 2.

(because right now no one is attacking them, so this translates into an irrational fear of the next imagined attack e.g. Iran. Israel cannot just "live" and go about their lives, this is due to paranoia)

The senior Israeli official went on to acknowledge that in the event of a war Israel would have insufficient emergency and rescue response units ready.

(again, utter paranoia, hype the public up again, Gaza is over, on to the next perceived threat! Honestly this will never end as long as Israel remains ill with paranoia)

"In wartime there will be insufficient Magen David Adom, rescue and chemical and biological warfare units. Even if we call up the reserves of the Home Front Command, we will have to rely on the population itself," Sofer told Haaretz.

(Can you imagine living like this everyday???? It's like when Bush was in office, everyday there was some "threat" It's the politics of fear and Israel ash played it so well for so long, it has now become part of their psyche and nationality. Come live in Israel and be paranoid)

"We need to train for a reality in which during war missiles can fall on any part of the country without warning," he said.

(Run away, no one is safe, we're all doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! paranoia in the extreme)

One of the missions of the nationwide military drill is to convince the public that in the event of a war the entire country would "become a front without warning".

(again it just keeps getting better. What is the average Israeli to think when bombarded with this shite on a daily basis? Unless they realise they are 1. being used, and 2. being made paranoid, then they have no hope what so ever. I suggest Israelis go online and listen to the non paranoid people instead. Visit mondoweiss or Norman Finkelstein or Desertpeace sites all run by non-paranoid Jews, and by all means if you want to get well, STOP listening to people in your government.)

Sofer said by holding the weeklong military exercise Israel seeks to "transform the population from a passive to an active one... We want the citizens to understand that war can happen tomorrow morning."

(Doing this to people should be considered a criminal offence!, notice the reference to "tomorrow" it is a wonder that Israelis have not all committed mass suicide like Jim Jones crowd did, stop drinking the Kool-Aid, you are being made paranoid by your government)

However, according to the Israeli official, the Home Front Command does not seek to scare anyone beyond a "healthy sense of fear".

(Yeah, right, if the population became un-fearful then the government would have nothing to do!! And they'd have to stop taking billions of Dollars off America to feel "safe")

Earlier in the week, Israeli President Shimon Peres launched into a tirade against Iran in an interview with Kol Hai Radio and threatened to "strike" Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if he does not soften his stance.

(Israel believes it is moral to fight words with weapons, this must stop now!)

Peres threatened that Tel Aviv would launch its much-predicted military strike against Tehran, should Washington fail to force Iran to halt its uranium enrichment.

(Paranoia, this time the Israelis threaten not only Iran, but America! Going directly against the US Presidents policy of engaging with Iran, instead Israel is up to it's tactics of provoking and then saying to America "See we told you so" this will no longer work, and this is why Israel is freaking now)

President Barack Obama's "fresh approach" of "diplomatically" engaging Iran over the country's nuclear case has ruffled Israeli feathers.

(Again, wise up America, Israel wants to ruin what little standing you have left in the Middle East, turn this into a war of Israel and the USA against Muslims, DON'T let this happen!!)

Earlier in March, hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the alarm about a major military conflict in the upcoming months.

According to Debka, "His main consideration is that Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hezbollah -- or all three at once."

(See this is paranoia at work again, Israel will not stop until it either murders everyone that does not like Israel, or it forces the world into a never ending conflict so that the rest of us have to live like Israel chooses to, paranoid!!!)

Iran has also made a move to take legal action against Israel over its war threats.

In a letter to the rotating presidency of the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee urged the body to exercise its power and put an immediate stop to what he called "unlawful and insolent" Israeli threats against UN member states. link
So, I say once again. Israel suffers from mass paranoia, it is up to the rest of us to "cure them" , we must be their "prozac" for the sake of the world.