26 April 2009

Pope Responds to Israeli Threats

The Pope will not be deterred,it's a Christian vs Jewish Thunderdome and the Pope WINS!!!!! Despite Israeli threats he's going to a Palestinian refugee camp, bless.
Preparations for Pope Benedict XVI to visit Aida Refugee Camp will move forward despite Israeli attempts to interfere in the planning, officials from the Palestinian Authority said Friday.

The PA issued a statement late Friday night echoing concerns over an Israel attempting to shield the pope and the international community from seeing the oppressive and discriminatory practices meted out on the Palestinians. link
And how did the Pope celebrate, you may ask? With a "Pope Dance" of course!!

Ok, now I have to go to mass and confess today for my "Pope Dance" post, Sheesh, I'm my own worst enemy LOL


Daniel said...

Why don't you rape a young child to celebrate as Catholics typically do?

Ban Sidhe said...

Well Howdy hey there you racist pig. Why don't you kill a muslim child, Oh, sorry ,forgot, you already have killed over 400 of them,

sick bastard

Rosaleen said...

Hi, Good post. I like the Pope dance. I will put it on my blog.

owl of minerva said...

i can't believe I am saying this but i actually like the pope at the moment. I am sure though it will go away. When is this visit to Aida supposed to happen?

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