28 April 2009

Score One for Obama~Zero for Israel

Now, anyone who reads this blog will know that I trust Obama about as far as I can chuck him on a clear day with the wind at my back. But, once in a while he gets something right. I have been keeping score on an "Obama" score card, just so I can keep track of who is ahead, me or him. I think I am winning so far.

Anyhow, he gets it right with Hamas, and of course all the little AIPAC controlled Congressmen and women are all a flutter, wondering if this gets passed will they keep getting all their kick back money from Israel. Story below:

Obama for change in law on Hamas

* Amendment sought to give Palestinians aid even if Hamas has to be involved
* President Abbas refuses to recognise Israel as Jewish state

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama’s administration has asked Congress to allow continued aid to Palestinians, even if officials linked to Hamas become part of the government, The Los Angeles Times reported Monday.(actually they ARE part of the Government, they were elected in a Democratic election! Obama has this right..)

The move has nevertheless alarmed congressional supporters of Israel, the paper reported. (A'hem, that should read "Alarmed AIPAC members and controlled congressmen are freaking out" )

Under the existing law, any US aid would require that the Palestinian government recognise Israel, renounce violence and agree to follow past Israeli-Palestinian agreements. Hamas does not meet these criteria. (Too bad, so sad, get over it Israel, you will be forced to make peace for your own good and the good of Palestine )

The newspaper said the administration had requested the changes this month as part of an 83.4-billion-dollar emergency spending bill that also contains funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. more

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planetmichelle said...

Abbas: “A Jewish state, what is that supposed to mean?” hahaha!

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