22 April 2009

Surprise~Jane Harman is Jewish

Mondoweiss breaks the silence on Jane Harman. I suggest everyone read his post, tiny teaser below

Press can't say it, but a blogger can (Jane Harman's Jewish)

The front-page story in the Times yesterday on the Jane Harman allegations didn't say that she's Jewish. Neither does CQ, which broke the story. Chris Matthews didn't say she's Jewish in his report last night--though he's always talking about the Irish Catholics--and neither did Robert Siegel on NPR. I bet Andrea Mitchell didn't either.

Jane Harman's Jewish. There, I just said it. That's why we have the blogosphere.link

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Anonymous said...

Always wondered about her, watching C-SPAN as religiously as I have for 15 years. The lurk is starting to unravel. The people and tough times will fan the questioning of all of those cowed and complicit government running dogs. Taking Washington's derty, derty shilling, via the unquestioned grants to Tel Aviv. 'Billions for Bodies' and all.

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