06 April 2009

West Bank Closed Down by Israeli Army

Too funny,just the other day Israel banned Palestinians and removed them from celebrating. However,today they close the West Bank down so Jews can celebrate passover. What racists!

IDF to impose closure on West Bank ahead of Pesach

The Israel Defense Forces announced Monday it was to impose a general closure on the West Bank at midnight ahead of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Pesach.

The closure will be lifted at midnight on Saturday, April 18th, the army said. It noted that the lifting of the closure would be carried out in accordance with security assessments.

In a communique, the IDF said it regarded the holiday, which begins on Wednesday evening, as a highly sensitive time.

"Accordingly, the IDF will increase its alertness in order to ensure the safety of the citizens of Israel, while preserving, to the best of its ability, the daily life of the Palestinian population," the communique said. (translation=killing, murdering and maiming Palestinians, to the best of the IDF's abilities!!)