30 April 2009

Whitehouse Aid Infected With Swine Flu

Obama has lost two of his nine lives so far, this is his second brush with the Swine Flu. And un-named Aid has become infected and passed the infection on to his family. Report below:

Barack Obama aide infected with swine flu in Mexico
An official in the Obama administration who took part in the US president's recent trip to Mexico is believed to have caught swine flu and passed it on to his family.

The unnamed man, a Department of Energy employee, "came down with flu-like symptoms associated with his work in Mexico," said Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman.

"He is listed as suspected of having type-A H1N1," Mr Gibbs told reporters, referring to the swine flu strain that is believed to have killed more than 160 people in Mexico, one in the United States and set off a warning of a global pandemic.

The man, his wife, son and nephew "tested probable" for the virus but only suffered mild to moderate symptoms and recovered without receiving medication or being hospitalised.

Mr Gibbs stressed that the president had not experienced any symptoms. The employee began to feel sick on April 16, when he attended a working dinner with the president.

"He was asked specifically if he ever came within six feet of the president, and the answer to that was no," Mr Gibbs said. He did not fly on Air Force One. source

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planetmichelle said...

Is there such thing as Ziophobic? http://zionistgoldreport.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/swine-flu-hoax/

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