14 April 2009

"Yogurt Gate" Someday This Will Be The Norm~I Hope

In Palestine, a man was arrested today for selling Yogurt that was "out of date" or past the sell by date, whichever you prefer. In the grand scheme of life in Gaza today, this is a nothing story compared to the very serious genocide that just took place, the never ending siege, the lack of food, water, medical aid and most of all FREEDOM and Justice! however, when I read this story today, I couldn't help but contemplate for a moment. Then thought to myself, I can't wait for the day too come in Gaza when the worst news of the day, is a guy selling out of date yogurt. So, that is why I posted this today. Let us all work to see that day for Gaza!

Hebron – Ma’an – A Palestinian man was arrested on Monday on charges that he was reselling expired yogurt products in Hebron, the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry said.

The man was caught by the consumer safety department "red handed," and was taken to the investigation center for legal proceedings.

A search of his home netted a large quantity of yogurt and a number of expired cans.