14 April 2009

Zionist Writer at Jpost Attacks Blogs

My friend Steve over at Desertpeace has come under attack from a Zionist at the Jerusalem Post. In addition to attacking Steve’s blog, they also attacked and singled out Michael Rivero of the popular site “What Really Happened” as well. But right now I want to talk about Desertpeace.

For those who have never visited his blog, I want to take a minute to say a few words about Steve and his blog. I have so much admiration for him and what he does, and aside from that I am thankful I found his blog. I say this for a very good reason, his blog gave me hope. You see, I have always been against Israel’s actions, but after this recent genocide in Gaza, well, I truly became outraged. I don’t like to hate, but I felt the hatred rising with each lie Israeli officials told. I watched in sheer and utter horror, day after day, and listened to the responses of people like Mark Regev and Livni and many other IDF mouth pieces, all making excuses for all those civilian deaths, the bombing of UN schools and facilities, the targeting of entire families. But most of all the incredible lie about using White Phosphorus. As if the world was so stupid we couldn't see for ourselves. And, true to form, eventually they had to tell the partial truth that they used it, the REAL truth is they were used illegally. But hopefully the war crimes investigations will take care of that.

Anyway, one day I came across Desertpeace and I began reading it. I was curious as one would be about the blog owner, so I clicked on the “about” page and then I learned he was Jewish and living in Israel. I then read more and continued to visit everyday. I thought about how hard it must be for him, feeling as he does, surrounded by people like the ones we all saw on television, hard core Zionists and Israeli apologists, never wrong, never able to admit any fault, but worst of all never able to show ANY compassion what so ever, for the children killed or their brutal apartheid tactics, let alone Israel's feeble and fake attempts at peace whilst stealing more and more land from Palestinians.

I thought about Steve quite a lot in those days during the invasion into Gaza. I thought about how incredibly hard and sickening it must be to live in, and be part of a society that did those things, when you, yourself, were so against it. I thought about what it would be like to just simply go out shopping and looking into the faces you pass on the street, knowing that about 98% of those you passed condoned what was taking place in Gaza and moreover rejoiced in it. I wondered how he coped with that everyday? I just couldn’t imagine how he did it.

When I read Desertpeace, it reminds me that whilst the vast majority of Jews in Israel may support murdering Palestinians, there are a small number of good, moral and righteous people who ARE speaking out. And that gives me hope, and that is why I am thankful for Steve and his blog. Now, here’s the link below to the Zionist asshat that wrote about Steve and Michael Rivero of “What Really Happened”

I can,t believe this guy used his position at a newspaper to investigate and smear blogs he does not like or agree with politically. Take the link below to Desertpeace and read about what happened, and don't forget when you take the link to the Jpost article, remember to rate it with a big fat "one star" rating!

Desertpeace Post HERE

and here is the link to WRH post as well


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much my Dear Sister!

I am thankful to have readers as wonderful and dedicated as yourself.

Ban Sidhe said...

right back at ya mo chara:)
That means "my friend" in Irish:):)

you are one heckuva guy!

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