23 May 2009


17:51 PM Dublin Time:

just got a text message that an interview was just done in Al Arish with the Sinn Fein Representative and Deputy Convoy leader Gerry MacLochlainn by Aljazeera. Possibly some others were interviewed as well, so watch for that. I am trying to find out if it was for television with cameras, or just an interview that will appear in print on their website. Also, there are reports that a big media presence has assembled at the border for tomorrows hopeful crossing by the convoy, so more interviews to be done then at the border.

(updated x1 @ 19:09 Dublin time: It was a television interview and it was done as the convoy members were arriving at Al Arish and getting out of their vehicles, this leads me to believe they interviewed several people, although the text message does not say how many others.)

more updates as I get them