28 May 2009


I just noticed there are two photographs of the Code Pink Delegation from Canada within the photos the "Hope" convoy sent me. They had literaly run into the girls on the Egyptian side of the border when the "hope" convoy arrived at Rafah crossing the first day. It's a nice photo of the bus and delegation, so thought I would post them for those who are following the Canadian delegation or the Code Pink people. Evedently they finally got in the day after our convoy got into Gaza (story below) here are the photos click them to enlarge:

On Tuesday, May 26th, a delegation of 66 U.S., Canadian and Egyptian Peace activists with the women-led peace group 'Code Pink' were allowed to enter the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing on the Gaza-Egypt border. Their entry follows closely the Hope Convoy of humanitarian aid from Europe, which arrived in Gaza early Tuesday morning after having camped out at the Rafah crossing for several days demanding entry. MORE