22 May 2009


Third update for today and most likely the last one as everything in falling into place now and things are moving very quickly. The cargo will be removed and the convoy loaded up over night along with any inspections carried out by the Egyptians.

The convoy members will be picked up at 6 AM (sorry now it's more like 9:30 or so) and taken to the convoy vehicles where they will be escorted to the Rafah border, no stopping in Al Arish, just directly to the border. They should arrive by around 9:30 AM Egypt time at the border. Then of course they must go through the security and passport inspection, which can be fast or slow as there is a line of people constantly trying to get in, then into Gaza after that.

So, it appears that the convoy will enter Gaza tomorrow definitely, GREAT NEWS!!

I will post the developments when I get them and hope to have photos to post as well throughout the time in Gaza.



Peter, Vienna said...

Greetings to Irland and the Irish supporters of the Hope for Gaza Convoy from Vienna Austria!

Thanks a lot for Your blog which we followed now since the begin of the convoy, as two members of our NGO also were/are with the convoy. They send us alos updates regularely, which we publish on our website. I hope tomorrow our brothers and sisters can enter to Gaza and make a step to break and end the siege.
Feel free to contact us (verein(at)dar-al-janub.net)or take pictures of the convoy from our website if You want to do.

All the best for the Convoy! Free Gaza!!

Ban Sidhe said...

Hello Peter!!

I think my friend Gerry has met your friends:) I hope to have some photos sent to me tomorrow from the convoy. I have set up a flickr account where they will be uploaded and when they arrive I will post them.

Yes, lets' hpe they get in quickly tomorrow, but it is looking like it will be late tomorrow night when they get in, or maybe even Saturday morning now.

PlanetMichelle said...

I just read that Gaza is still under airstrike....how is that convoy?
Dressed up your blog a bit Irishman, is your mother coming to visit?:-)

Ban Sidhe said...


Yeah, it looked a wee bit naked. I had made the graphic for the header months ago, just never got round to putting it up. That's me bein lazy:)


"Is me Ma comin to visit" LOLOL

convoy just got picked up by busses, things are moving now im' about to make a update post:)


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