23 May 2009


updated x1
Good morning everyone:

It's moving quickly now. Was just on the phone with one of my friends when the buses arrived to pick up the members and take them to the convoy vehicles at the port. So they will arrive at the port very soon and then the members will drive the vehicles loaded with the medical aid to the Rafah border.

The convoy will be accompanied by Egyptian security who will see them to the border. Once at the border they will have to clear inspection and passport control, then enter Gaza. This could take a bit of time as there are many others waiting for entry ahead of the convoy, or, the convoy could be put right through quickly. We will see what happens later today.

I expect many updates today as we monitor the progress to the border and crossing into Gaza. Additionally when my friends are able to get online I will have photos as well. The updates will be numbered from #1 (this one now) up to how ever many I get until the day ends and the convoy retires for the night.

just want to add this small update to what was said above. My friend just rang me again and said that the buses just took the drivers and will be right back for the rest of the members. So whilst they were waiting my friend went to go online to send me some information, and surprise, the Internet was not available. Which, I find "odd" as this Internet location has been being used by both of my friends for several days now. What this means is that I will have to rely on phonecalls only form this point on until they are able to get online inside Gaza. I expect several phonecalls throughout the day and Will post them when I get them.


John Hurson said...

Have been following this convoy closely, and like the last one in March, the Egyptians are making it really difficult for them.
No doubt everyone on this convoy will get their eyes opened to the reality in Egypt regarding Gaza.
I hope they get through today without any more delay, and when they enter Gaza, they will recieve a welcome like no other.
Wishing them well, and good luck to all involved, especially Gerry from Ireland, and my good friend Nahim from Birmingham who travelled on the last convoy with me.
good luck,

Tyrone To Gaza
John Hurson

Ban Sidhe said...


Many thanks for your comments. We followed your trip as well and were very proud of your work and determination. It was great to see someone from the North getting involved! It can be quite trying attempting to get into Gaza. Egypt should be ashamed for allow their border to be controlled by Israel. So much for the great Arab nations.

is mise
Ban Sidhe:)

Ban Sidhe said...

For those readers who do not know about John's involvement, he was on the original Viva Palestina convoy with George Galloway. John is from the North of Ireland and we were all so very proud to have him represent people from the North.

This blog covered John's Journey as best we could. Most of the focus was on Galloway and people from England sadly. But here was what we wrote about our John:



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