15 May 2009

HAMAS Rightly Rejects Fayyad Government

Ya know, I just get so sick of the "meddling" by outside forces and the weak corrupt Fatah. As difficult and hard as it may be, and as much as America and especially Israel would like to see a bunch of Palestinians in Government where they are sure they can get a "good deal" for their side, it will never last, and never work. If the US learns anything from the Irish Peace Process, then let this be lesson number one. Hamas is correct in its assessment. The talks need to continue until all Palestinian sides are represented and an agreement is reached. You cannot form a government that then goes on to negotiate for a Palestinian state, where this government is not representative of a vast portion of the Palestinian population. Can't do it, that is not "democracy" and it is not respecting the vote.
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has refused to accept any government formed by former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad.

The Palestinian leader in exile, Khaled Meshaal, discredited Fayyad's government in a speech he made in Yarmouk Camp near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

"The rush in re-forming Fayyad's government is a response to an American demand. This government wasn't legal in the past and even not legal when it resigned. We don't accept a government that is not based on Palestinian legislation and law," Meshaal said. source