04 May 2009

Israel Owes Iraq Compensation

Iraq claims it will seek compensation for Israel's attack on it's Power Plant in 1981 according to International Law. Report below:

The Iraqi parliament is taking steps to force Israel to compensate for its air strike on the country's nuclear power plant in 1981.

The parliament's foreign relations committee is reviewing the Resolution 487 which was issued in June 1981 and obliges Israel to compensate for its air strike on Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant.

"According to the international law Iraq has the right to receive compensation from Israel," Asharq al-Awasat newspaper quoted Nasar al-Rubaie as saying.

"We have called for a legislation to be passed in the parliament to oblige the Iraqi government to follow up the issue," he added.

He noted that the move by the Iraqi parliament does not in any way means recognizing Israel.

"Iraq is a UN member. In order to receive compensation from Israel it is not necessary to recognize it," the Iraqi lawmaker added. source