16 May 2009

Israel Wipes Palestine Off Map

Well you have to give Israel credit for finally going public with its racism and hatred for Palestinians, which appears to know no boundaries. The Nazi Zionist Tourist Board of Israel has begun a new campaign in London, to bring racists, I mean tourists, to Israel. I suppose they only want "one kind" of tourist, judging from their new map of Israel. Looking at the new posters, which have begun to appear all over the London Underground, And Golly Gee, guess what? Israel owns everything,including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, all of it. Israel's wet dream on paper and in living colour, BUT you can do something about it, keep reading after viewing the "new" map below.
Israeli Tourism Adverts Wipe Palestine From the Map - Take Action Now!

Please write to London Underground, the Advertising Standards Agency and CBS Outdoors – the company which manages the poster sites – asking for the removal of these posters, which deliberately deny the existence of Palestine. Contact details follow:

A draft letter is included below. You can use this letter as it is, or take the information from it to write your own.


Dear …

I have noticed with concern a poster which is currently being displayed on London Underground’s advertising sites.

The poster has been produced by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism as part of an advertising campaign to attract visitors to Israel.

The map on the advertisement portrays Israel as an area which incorporates the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights.

However, none of these areas are part of Israel, but instead have been subject to military occupation or blockade by Israel since 1967.

UN Resolution 242 calls on Israel to withdraw from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, which are Palestinian territories, but Israel remains in violation of this resolution, and also maintains its illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel has sealed off the Gaza Strip since 2005, making access virtually impossible, resulting in severe shortages of food, medicine and clean water, which has left the Strip’s 1.4 million Palestinians facing a humanitarian crisis. Any ‘tourists’ would be unable to visit the Gaza Strip, as Israel prevents even humanitarian aid workers and lawyers from entering.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Israel continues to build settlements in direct contravention of international law, taking land from the Palestinians to do so and demolishing their homes and farms in the process.

In addition, Israel is in the process of building the Apartheid Wall through the West Bank, which, when completed, will expropriate 50% of Palestinian land in the West Bank, depriving farmers and families of their livelihoods and water supply, and making movement for Palestinians almost impossible.

The Wall breaches numerous international agreements, including the Fourth Geneva Convention’s articles on the destruction of land and/or property (article 53) and on collective punishment (article 33).

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism’s assertion, through the map displayed on the poster, is insidious and wrong, and I urgently call on you to remove it from all its sites to avoid being complicit in this deliberate misinformation.

I look forward to your response.



1. Transport for London

Floor 23, Empress State Building
Empress Approach
London SW6 1TR
Tel: 020 7222 5600
Email: enquire@tfl.gov.uk

London Underground Customer Service Centre

55 Broadway
London SW1H 0BD
Tel: 0845 330 9880
Email: enquiry.tube@tfl.gov.uk

What will happen: The complaint will go to the appropriate section and you will receive an answer.

2. CBS Outdoor Ltd
Email: The customer service manager, Richard Ashman

Tel: 020 7482 2863

Post: 28 Jamestown Road, Camden Lock, London, NW1 7BY

What will happen: CBS approves advertising internally, but seek advice from the Committee of Advertising Practice. CBS also works in connection with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). It can be asked to remove advertising from its sites by the ASA.

3. Advertising Standards Agency
Email: new.complaints@asa.org.uk

Tel: 020 7492 2222

Post: Advertising Standards Authority, Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6QT

What will happen: The complaint will be considered within the codes of practice, and you will receive a reply within 10 days. link

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Barbara L said...

Dear lord woman, how do we keep up with all these evils? This one has me FLOORED. Almost as badly as the assassinated child in Bilin yesterday. My post on that was, by my standards, brutal in terms of imagery. I was very very stressed to keep my rhetoric civilized.

You are right here, they have finally declared their wet dream for the world to see. But as you know, that bastion of femininity, Goldie Meier said, there were no Palestinians. Maybe she was just ahead of her time. SPITS. They have been consistent in this crap since they began 60 years before Nakhba.

And you know they declared to the world that Nakhba was a crime to commemorate. Or even to acknowledge it existed. THIS is how those creatures of the deep wish to write history only here we are seeing what they want to write before, not after the events!

I wish we could write personally instead of this open journal, I think we could have some good talks not at all suitable for public consumption.

Last night, I had to work really hard from falling into that easy pit of hatred. For to do so is to lose the battle. However, I did indulge for a few moments.

What really gets me is, the Israelis, as much as we detest them, are front "warriors" for an even deeper set of vile creatures whom they obey. They are not the ones in charge by a long shot, but they have seriously bought into their own crap and become the monsters they were told to become.

I have worked this out. But no matter what, they are as low and despicable group as you can imagine. Their bosses, honey, are even worse! My work today on Monsanto has opened my eyes to much more on the war for life in different countries.

Palestine is only the one in the news. Things being done in Paraguay, Mexico, and South America through poisons and lack of concern for life, are equally insidious.

There are times when I sometimes wonder how we will manage to survive all of this.

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