14 May 2009

Israeli Pervert Rapist on Trial

Moshe Katsav, the former Israeli President, "Head Perv and Rapist" is set to stand trial. Lovely people these Israeli politicians, rapists, perverts, racists, killers, murderers. Ah, but the aforementioned "Pervert Racist" brings outrage from the public, however, not to worry, racists, killers and murderers are still allowed and supported. Just so long as they direct their murdering and killing at Palestinians, not Jews
The trial of former Israeli president Moshe Katsav has opened in Tel Aviv where a large crowed of protesters was calling for his conviction.

On Thursday, Israel's District court in Tel Aviv began the hearing of the case against Katsav, who was earlier indicted on sexual assault charges.

The former president was indicted on counts of sex offences including rape against women employees while he was president and tourism minister.

Dozens of demonstrators from the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel protested outside the courthouse as Katsav and his bodyguards arrived, Ynet reported.

The protesters were shouting slogans such as "Katsav to prison, and now!"

Dorit Avramovitch, of the campaign to have Katsav tried, said, "For us, there aren't that many options when there are more than 10 complainants that don't know each other and they all give the same story."

Avramovitch added, "We believe them, and don't doubt their testimonies. We hope for a speedy trial and that the rapist serves time in jail."

The case against Katsav was opened in 2006 when the then president alleged that a former female employee was trying to blackmail him.

After an investigation was launched, the female employee accused Katsav of raping her while she was his secretary in the late 1990s. Katsav was forced to leave office following the scandal. source