22 May 2009



I received a phone call VERY early in the morning, in fact it woke me up but was well worth it. The boat from Libya has arrived, it is at the port in Alexandria right now, just as was promised in yesterdays last update. The boat is now being loaded with the convoy cargo and then will leave immediately for Port Said. Once it arrives in Port Said the cargo then has to go through customs, then it is loaded onto the convoy vehicles. Once through customs and onto the vehicles, the convoy will leave escorted by Egyptian Security forces to Al Arish and on to Rafah. So I believe we are looking at crossing into Gaza tomorrow realistically, with an ever small possibility of very late today, but again I doubt it will happen today and most likely will take place tomorrow.

Everyone is "Over the Moon", now that the boat troubles are over and they are finally looking at getting into Gaza very soon. The Egyptian Authorities have assured the Italian MP Fernando Rossi, and the Irish Sinn Fein Rep Gerry MacLochlainn, that they will allow the medical aid to cross into Gaza. And indeed they let a Dutch convoy member in yesterday who went ahead of the convoy, so good signs by the Egyptians so far. Let's hope they continue to be cooperative.

more when I get it.