06 June 2009

#6 HOPE CONVOY-Meets Gaza Government


"HOPE" convoy delegation meets the Government officials and Prime Minister Ismail Haniya in the Government Buildings.

From the Shifah hospital we travelled to the remains of the parliament building destroyed by the Israelis during the invasion. Here we were greeted by a number of MP’s

As the Israelis bombed the building, we were greeted in a tent attached to the buildings remains which was dedicated to a minister who was assassinated by the Israelis during the invasion. We were also told of the numbers of elected MP’s including the Speaker of the parliament, who were rounded up and taken to Israeli gaols at the same time.

That evening our group was invited to meet the cabinet and we were joined by Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, his first public appearance in the Government Buildings since the Israeli invasion. The delegation was given gifts of thanks from the Government for delivering aid to the people of Palestine.

Italian Senator Fernando Rossi, the Delegation Leader prepares to recieve gift from Prime Minister Ismail Haniya
Below, the Prime Minister signs Palestinian scarves for the delegation. Each scarf was signed and stamped with the Palestinian stamp.
Convoy Organiser recieves his scarf from the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Ismail Haniya welcomed us on behalf of the Gazan people and expressed his hope that we would attest to what we had seen and heard and intervene with our governments to get them to support the removal of the blockade.The following report is from the Italian website translated by Google
Haniyah praised the host delegation, composed of European parliamentarians and personalities from different European countries, and added that the international mission confirmed that the Palestinian people "are not alone and that this siege will be broken."

He expressed his gratitude to the delegation, saying that you have followed the path from the beginning, and expressed confidence in the possibility that the parliamentary and political work to bring the Israeli leaders before a tribunal for war crimes.

The delegation, in turn, praised the good host, confirming the solidarity with the Palestinian people and respect for election results.

Parliamentarians have also criticized the inclusion of Hamas among the international terrorist organizations from various European countries, including Italy, adding that it turned to revoke such an inclusion in the black-list drawn up by the U.S. and Israel.

The delegation condemned the policy of occupation and crimes against the people of Gaza, in particular the recent attack and the unjust siege, confirming the right to support the Palestinian people and free elections.link Irish Report resumes below:
Sinn Fein's Gerry MacLochlainn, the convoy deputy leader, recieves his gifts from the Prime Minister below:
Haniya then explained his movement’s desire for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Palestine and that he had made it clear that his government would honour treaties and was committed to a realistic settlement recognising realities on the ground. He was committed to achieving Palestinian reconciliation and was approaching the ongoing talks with a serious commitment to achieving a positive outcome.

Gerry MacLochlainn of Sinn Fein, said "Ireland’s common experiences with the Palestinian people, sharing a common history of invasion and domination by foreign powers and referring to Britain’s negative role in both our countries. Ireland has an almost unique position in Europe having been a colony and so we have a deep and abiding empathy with other nations suffering under foreign aggression and domination."

"As an Irish Republican and representing the Republican people of Ireland I express my support for Palestine’s right to freedom, equality and justice in this world and pledge Sinn Fein support to the Palestinian nation until not just this siege is broken but Palestine itself is free. I am confident in that victory and look forward to celebrating that freedom with you at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem."ENDS