18 June 2009

British Government Sends Taxpayer Money To Israel

People of Britain, I have a question for you. What do the Israeli Government and the British Government have in common? Well, quite a lot it,they both pay rent to the same Zionist company, keep reading.
Electra Real Estate Ltd. is one of the leading real estate companies in Israel.

Total assets owned by the company amount to 1,116,000 sq.m., of which 94% are overseas and 6% in Israel.

Israeli Activities

In Israel, the company owns eight office buildings and an additional six floors of offices including: Omega Building Haifa; Ayalon Business Center in Tel Aviv leased to the Israeli government;
Ok, now here is the link to Britain:
UK: The Company owns five office buildings with long-term leases to the British Government, banks and insurance companies. The company also owns 10% of a fund, which has acquired 16 hotels in the UK, leased for 30 years to the Hilton chain and 10% of a fund, which has acquired 42 hotels in the UK, leased for 30 years to the Marriott chain

Buckingham Gate
Buckingham Gate runs in a north westerly / south easterly direction linking with Buckingham Palace Road and Birdcage Walk at its north western end and Victoria Street at its south eastern end within the SW1 postal district of central London. Address: 4-5 Buckingham Gate, London.

Company Ownership: 75%
Area: 2,400 SQM
Occupancy: 100%
Main Tenants: British Government.

Priory Gate 2a
The property is located in Maidstone within the administrative area of Maidstone Borough Council in the county of Kent. Address: Maidstone, Kent.

Company Ownership: 100%
Area: 1,540 SQM
Occupancy: 100%
Main Tenants: British Government.

Westmoreland House
The property is located in Goring-by-sea within Worthing in county of West Sussex.
Address: Worthing, West Sussex.

Company Ownership: 100%
Area: 2,775 SQM
Occupancy: 100%
Main Tenants: British Government.
Feeling a bit sick now are you? There's more.

Electra Real Estate’s Parent company is Elco Holdings Ltd. Company structure Company Structure can be found here Showing they own outright Electra Real Estate. And you can see from their site that 94% of their properties and assets owned are “overseas
Generating an annual turnover of US$ 2.2 billion in 2003, Elco is one of Israel's largest industrial groups, with a total global work force of over 12,600. Some 75% of consolidated Group sales will now originate from outside of Israel, with a strong presence in Europe and particularly France.
Check out Page 18 of their pdf file to see one of their projects in East Jerusalem. Building more homes for Zionists:

Project 16 Electra View
At a suburb of Jerusalem to the east in the new and modern neighbourhood of Maale’ Edomim Electra is developing residential projects of greater Jerusalem. The project has currently 124 residential units under different stages of consgtruction and likely to reach more than 350 units at final stage
The units enjoy the magical view of Judea Desert and Moav Mountains beyond the Dead Sea, large balconies, private access and high class spec
Are you staying in a Zionist owned Hotel in the UK? Additionally ELCO/Electra shares ownership of Marriott and Hilton Hotels

Additionally, they own this as well:
Central House
The property is located within the West Sussex town of Crawley. Situated approximately 30 miles south of Central London. Address: Crawley, West Sussex.

Company Ownership: 100%
Area: 855 SQM
Occupancy: 100%
Main Tenants: Lloyds Bank
For a list of their other worldwide “tenants” go here

And they are buying up places in America, Germany, Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland as well. List is here

The fact that a whopping 94% of their asserts are overseas in UK, USA, Germany, France and the EU. I would imagine a boycott could harm them financially. So, start thinking before you book into hotels if you live in England or Scotland. For those planning to visit England, book somewhere else, avoid Hilton and Marriott hotels all together..

And perhaps the British people should ask Gordon Brown why it is that the British Government is selling off some of it’s most historical and important properties in London to this foreign entity, only to then turn round and become their tenants, thus sending British taxpayers money to Israel. What a disgrace!

UPDATE, There's more:
Israel's Property and Building seeks toehold in London
06.18.09, 07:43 AM EDT

Israel's Property and Building said on Thursday it was considering purchasing a stake in British Land's Broadgate office complex in London for 100 million pounds ($164 million).

British Land, the UK's second-largest property company by market value, said it has received preliminary approaches from potential buyers for a stake in Broadgate.

'The company declines to give further details about any of the parties but confirms that discussions are at very early stages,' its spokesman said in a statement