25 June 2009

Israeli Bank Steals Holocaust Victims Cash

Greedy, Greedy, Greedy..............Imagine if this had been, Oh, let's say a "non-Jewish" bank, que the outrage. It now appears that the phrase "Never Again" does not apply to Israeli Banks. They have no qualms about stealing from the victims of their biggest and bestest Holy Grail which is used from everything to garnering sympathy so they can murder "those dirty Arabs" under the fight call of "Never Again" to pilfering Billions in US taxpayer money. Yet, this "sacred" holy grail is allowed to be pillaged. yeah, makes perfect sense, just so long as it's "Jewish Bank" crime regarding the "Holocaust", that's "A-Ok" no outrage needed, stand down.
Major Israel bank sued for refusing to return funds to Holocaust survivors

An Israel-based Holocaust restitution organization yesterday sued Bank Leumi, one of Israel's largest banks, for allegedly failing to return funds that belonged to Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets sued Bank Leumi for NIS 300 million, and claims there are 3,577 accounts at Bank Leumi belonging to Holocaust victims. The bank disputes the claim, pointing to "errors" in the organization's facts and operations.

According to the lawsuit, the accounts belong to European Jews who deposited money in the Anglo-Palestine Bank, which later became Bank Leumi.

By holding onto the funds, Leumi "violated the law," according to the organization's chairman, Menachem Ariav. "We expect the bank's management to act to return the victims' property and help us correct a historical wrong that has lasted for 65 years," he said.

Within the lawsuit, the company also claims Leumi has consistently refused to cooperate with bodies requesting information about deposits that belonged to European Jews, and has refrained to disclose information about unclaimed funds in its possession.

Bank Leumi, headed by CEO Galia Maor, said in response that the claim is unfounded. "Leumi set up all the required resources in order to check the details which were given to it by the organization. It should be said that during the course of working with the organization, problems were found with its operations."

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Barbara L said...

Apparently many of the true survivors have been getting their $$ direct from Germany because they knew early on those sent to the camps were the unwanted Jews, the sephardim and the poor.

They knew what to expect of a Zionist government. They are second class just a step above Palis, according to Jack Bernstein's writing Life of an American Jew in Marxist Racial Israel.

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