24 June 2009

Ooooh Look At The Racist Meltdown

You know what? When you squeeze a covert racist like the Israelis, they begin to spew racism, they just can't help it. This is what happens when even the President of the United States dares to hold American interests above the Zionist plan. They just hate the fact that America has now set about to repair the damage Bush (another racist) created in the Muslim world. Americans realise that Bush used "Muslims and Islam" to scare Americans so he could carry out his plans of invading countries and helping the Zionists expand. Americans now realise it is wrong to hate people for their religion and Israel is really pissed off. Because if America wakes up to the scam, then it's the end of all the billions Israel gets from American Taxpayers. Check out the racist meltdown below from an Israeli paper.
President Barack Hussein Obama’s “historic” speech to the Muslim world in Cairo points to a new alignment between East and West which will have a major impact on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Washington’s traditional alignment with Jerusalem, an expression of the Judeo-Christian ethic, is changing direction. The Washington-Cairo track signals warming ties between the US, the Arab world, and perhaps more significantly between America and Islam.

“We must get used to the fact that Israel is no longer America’s baby,” wrote Nahum Barnea in Israel’s biggest newspaper Yediot Ahronot. “Today, Obama is coddling the Arab world.”

An official in the Israeli Foreign Ministry told Israel Today: “The American public must wake up and realize that Obama is more Muslim than Christian. source
Well, you gotta give them credit for "fearmongering" it's what they do best and has always worked. Yeah, check out the "hasbara" wording, be sure to mention all the "fear triggering" words, like Obama's middle name, and instead of saying America will improve ties with the Arab world, they say this: "perhaps more significantly between America and Islam. " notice the difference?? This tactic is done to play on racist fears of Americans regarding "Islam" Oh and let's not forget to mention that America has a "Judeo-Christian ethic" As if that somehow translates into allowing Israel carte blanche to act outside the law and commit crimes against humanity? And I love how they used this phrase "Obama is coddling the Arab world" LOL, these people would be hysterically funny, if not for the fact that they are dangerous agents at spinning. But here's the capper; "Obama is more Muslim than Christian"

This should leave no doubt that Israel is a dangerous entity, that will attack even those who helped create its racist rogue state and who funded it and protects it, should America continue to finally do what is best for America's interests instead of helping the Zionist plan of killing and ethnically cleansing Arabs from their own land so that Israel can steal it all for only Jews to live there.

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Barbara L said...

Bibi keeps sticking his finger in his nose and flicking boogers on Obama's tailored suits. I think Obummer is catching on and he does NOT feel obligated to fall into the Busch cabal crap because he is a different man. I don't trust him, still, but he is not a secret Talmudist so has less attachment to things. But remember, he IS giving the bankers a LOT of $$$ and much of that goes to Israel so it could be getting in through the back for. Rahm the Pit bull has been a bit too quiet lately. I imagine he is biding his time. Parasites always bide their time until they spot a weakness then they invade the foreign host and so far, Obummer has not shown any sign of weakness.

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