13 July 2009

COUP ANYONE? US/Israel/Fatah Join Hands

Is anyone paying attention here?

In Palestine, what do you do when you have an Election coming in 6 months, you are a corrupt party, you don't have the majority of support of Palestinian people and you are backed by Israel and the US? Why of course, you postpone the elections for ANOTHER 2 years. During which time you will continue to work as agents for America and Israel (who recently gave you weapons) to use against your own people, to come up with a plan to overthrow or kill-off in a bloody coup, your opponent who actually does have the majority of support. In other words, you cheat and collaborate with the enemy, Israel... FATAH is an utter disgrace. But that's not all folks, there's more eye opening info after article below:
The Jerusalem Post quoted a senior Israeli military official who said that the Palestinian Authority preferred to postpone the elections scheduled for next January to 2012.

Hamas has repeatedly condemned the PA, which is led by the US-backed President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, for delaying previous elections. It maintains that since elections were postponed, Abbas' term technically ended in January of this year and that he is no longer the legitimate president of Palestine.
This is true. Would Americans allow Bush to just extend his term for another 4 years, I doubt it! But America supports Abbas in doing so. That's not democracy, it's dictatorship.
Israeli official claimed that Abbas was happy with the internal Palestinian state of affairs, and would stop any effort to make a deal with Hamas. It also reported that the PA, in cooperation with the US and EU, was building more prisons in the West Bank, presumably to house Hamas arrestees. link
So, let's take a look at the history of US involvement in backing the corrupt Israeli agent FATAH party. Anyone who thinks Obama is any different than Bush is not paying attention. Obama kept this Bush guy: Lieutenant General Keith W. Dayton, United States Army, is currently the U.S. Security Coordinator for the Israel-Palestinian Authority in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has also served as the Director of the Iraq Survey Group, right, there's some "real change" for ya! Yeah, keep him involved, because Iraq was "such" a success.........So we have a military agent working in a position that is supposed to come with an impartial eye towards resolving the I/P conflict, yeah right. Check this out from 2007, TWO years ago:
Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton, the USCC working with the Palestinians, in testimony Wednesday before the House Subcommittee on the Middle East. "The legal security forces of the Palestinian president still lack what they need to achieve … law and order."

The State Department has in the past denied that America's non-lethal training of the presidential guard of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah

But at the hearing Dayton highlighted the US role in helping Fatah as it faces attacks from the Islamic radicals in Hamas.

"We are leading, through the acts of this Congress, the international effort to possibly affect this worrisome situation," he said. "The security assistance plan that you have authorized me to just begin to implement is pointing the way forward for all international and regional allies."
Hmmmmm "Regional Allies" code words for Israel, where, of course Dayton is stationed, how cozy. Now, here comes the money:
Congress recently allowed $59 million to be used to further Dayton's efforts at training the presidential guard of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah.

The money, however, didn't go through the normal appropriation process, as the White House took previously approved funds and simply reallocated them.

"We are entering a rough patch," Dayton acknowledged, "but all is not lost and our regional partners share that sentiment.
Surprise!! There's that troublesome code phrase again; "regional partners"Interested in having a little proof that FATAH are truly American and Israeli agents? Well, here' ya go, right from the mouth of Col Dayton himself when he spoke to the Middle East subcommittee in Washington in 2007:
"Nothing we do to strengthen the Palestinian's security capability will be targeted against Israel … The presidential guard will not become a threat to Israel." source
Check out that last line "The presidential guard will not become a threat to Israel" Why? because they are working for and with the US and Israel to overthrow the elected Government of Gaza. To remove democracy in a US/Israeli/FATAH coup. So what does HAMAS have to say today about all of this?
Dr. Yousuf Rezqa, the political advisor to Palestinian premier Ismail Haniyeh said; Regarding the national dialog, he underlined that the future of dialog is dependent on ending the file of political arrest in the West Bank and terminating the security mission of US officer Keith Dayton in the West Bank. link


Barbara L said...

Well, honeybunny, I have been paying attention and it is nothing I have not thought all along. The whole thing with Fatah reeks of CIA kinda stuff.

If there is a dirty way to topple a troublesome government, group, country, whatevah, they are in there like white on rice looking for the most scurrilous and weak link on the chain to tinker with.

And that would be Abbas. Awhile back I came across some rather shocking film of Palestinians being tortured by Fatah people and it was nauseating AND STUPID. I know this goes on with both organizations, but this was just trying to force these men to change allegiance. I thought that was a lousy way to build up a fan base.

I have seen his face and it has that weaselly look of an opportunist. He is an overweight middle aged terrorist doing whatever he can to salvage the luxuries he has grown accustomed to and grown quite ruthless in the process. JUST the kinda guy that is perfect for a coup.

However there is always this element. The US and Israel up until now sat at the side of the ring munching popcorn and having a great old time watching the two, Hamas and Fatah, slug it out, saving THEM the expense of killing. But I imagine they are getting restless.

What they do not seem to get is the more they push Hamas the more they look like fools because up until now Hamas has been playing straight. Not perfect... still a lot of thuggery, but straighter than the other critters.

PlanetMichelle said...

This has all been going for some time now. Nothing new. What was most telling for me, after all the Bush & company with she-gorilla Condoleeza Rice on TV thumping her little sunken chest at Hamas....is the fact that Obama, the president elect for change guy, came up with Zionist Dennis Ross for the Palestine peace party goon squad. As if waltzing in the son of an Israeli terrorist for chief of staff and dangling him in front of our faces was not humiliating enough! That Obama, he just did the royal "neener neener neener" and gave us the finger. Too many traitors in the Middle East. What can we do.

starry plough said...

Howw democratic was the expulsion of fatah from Gaza? What about the condemnation of the Palestininan centre for Human Rights regarding various actions by Hamas and the PA. http://www.pchrgaza.org/files/PressR/English/2008/press2008.html

Fatah are not to blame for everything that is going wrong.

irish4palestine said...

A Chara,

We are not in disagreement. The point of my post was about outside forces, one of which is at war with Palestine and the enemy of Palestine, collaborating with one side, arming one side, and supporting one side. I’ll give my thoughts to your questions below;

“How democratic was the expulsion of fatah from Gaza?”

Well I think it’s about as un-democratic as FATAH creating situation where HAMAS would be unable to govern in the cabinet after the elections in 2006. The expulsion was a result of the inability for both sides to create a cabinet. And FATAH had a huge hand in that unfortunately. HAMAS won a landslide, even in Ramallah, hamas won every parliamentary seat except the one reserved for a Christian. Overall, they won 76 of the 132 parliamentary seats, giving HAMAS the right to form the next cabinet under the Palestinian Authority's president, Mahmoud Abbas, FATAH only won 43 seats. So, the expulsion came from much infighting by both sides and an inability to settle on power sharing. Like here in Ireland for many years. And with regards to that both sides could have behaved better but FATAH had problems accepting the election results and went about to create a situation where HAMAS would not be able to govern properly, among other things. HAMAS was coming from a standpoint of being a resistance movement, to becoming a political organisation. Not an easy move as we know here only too well. FATAH could have supported that, they did not. A struggle ensued and we have what we have today, Hamas governs Gaza and FATAH the West Bank. That was the ultimate resolution of the in fighting and that is what now needs to be resolved for things to move forward in any peace negotiations, if any real ones ever materialise that is.

Next: "What about the condemnation of the Palestinian centre for Human Rights regarding various actions by Hamas and the PA. http://www.pchrgaza.org/files/PressR/English/2008/press2008.html"

On that same link we also see this:

08-June 2009
PCHR Is Concerned Over Arrest Campaigns against Fatah Activists in Gaza and against Hamas Activists in the West Bank

It has turned into a “tit for tat” situation. My point was about the outside interference by Israel and the US. But as illustrated in the link neither fatah nor hamas has been perfect. But they need to be allowed to resolve this without Israel and the US being involved. IMHO

NEXT:"Fatah are not to blame for everything that is going wrong."

Totally agree with you, both sides have been at fault many times, and certainly hamas and fatah could have handled things much better. But now we are where we are now, and FATAH, since Arafat died, has become hugely corrupt, they work with Israel and for this they get more settlements each day. There are no settlements in Gaza due to the resistance of HAMAS. I’m not supporting one side or the other, merely pointing out that Palestinians have the right to resist, just like us. And I will support the choice of the majority of the Palestinian people for whom they vote to govern themselves. Israel and the US only recognise FATAH and do not recognise the other democratically elected party of HAMAS. That’s like when people here refused to recognise Sinn Fein’s electoral mandate and attempted to exclude us. A democracy means you have to respect the vote, even when you don’t like the results.

Again, my anger comes from Israel and the US meddling, using a corrupt party that no longer has major support, didn’t win the majority, and exclude the party who did win the majority. I have deep problems with any Palestinian party who chooses to collaborate with the enemy against its own people. It would be as if Sinn Fein worked with the British Army to murder Nationalists and Catholics. For me it’s just a “no go” and it cannot end well for Palestine. Not when Israel is supplying weapons to one part of the government to use against the other.

Is mise,
Ban Sidhe

starry plough said...

Ban Sidhe,

I apologise for not being clear on the point I was making. I never claimed Fatah were in the right and Hamas in the wrong. I posted the link to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights knowing the criticism it has of Fatah.

The point I wish to make is that the palestinian people need political unity in order to move their just cause forward. I doubt very much if our taking sides will aid the situation and it would be very easy to start looking at the criticisms other Palestinaian groups have of both Fatah's corruption and the activities of Hamas. however, such discussion by those who support the Palestinaian people will not help the situation.

The Palestinian people need unity without it the only people who will benefit are those who wish to maintain the present state of affairs.

irish4palestine said...

@Starry Plough

never a need to apologise on this blog LOL we are Irish, we like a good discussion and a bit of banter:)You are very welcome here!!

I agree with you. I am certain that HAMAS wants unity as after meetings with two of our people in Gaza, both Gerry Adams and more recently on the Hope Convoy, Gerry MacLochlainn as well. Both stated after meeting with the Prime Minister that they wish to form a unity government and progress into a peace process.

Here’s a wee bit from MacLochlainn’s report:

“Haniya then explained his movement’s desire for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Palestine and that he had made it clear that his government would honour treaties and was committed to a realistic settlement recognising realities on the ground. He was committed to achieving Palestinian reconciliation and was approaching the ongoing talks with a serious commitment to achieving a positive outcome.”

There are still many obstacles to over come. Some that HAMAS must deal with as moving from conflict to conflict resolution and politics. FATAH has obstacles as well, many more than HAMAS I’m afraid, as they appear to be more fractured within than Hamas at this point in time. So for now we must continue our support for the Palestinian people, unity and a real peace process. And I am sure our people can be counted on to assist in that process

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