09 July 2009

Expanding Zionism~Celebrity Style

Madonna goes around collecting African children using her wealth and status to circumvent laws of tiny African countries. But, I wonder how all those Christian and Muslim Malawi people would feel about her converting all those kids to Judaism? And moreover, is now trying to get them into traditional halachically Jewish Schools where a recent ruling may allow this. Given that Malawi's religious make up is thus:
Christianity is the majority religion in Malawi . Sixty percent of Christians are Protestant and 15% are Catholic. Other sects include Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Anglicans, Church of Central African Presbyterians (commonly called CCAP), and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The second most prominent religion in Malawi is Islam—Muslims make up 15-20% of the population.source
So take a look at this:
'Madonna Could Now Apply For A Place At JFS'

The Board of Deputies cautioned yesterday that a Court of Appeal ruling last week, which would force JFS to accept pupils who aren't recognised as halachically Jewish by the United Synagogue, could affect other Jewish schools, while giving Madonna a "good claim" to apply for a place at the Kenton establishment.

As the US and JFS prepared to launch an appeal, the Board's chief executive Jon Benjamin said the new criteria "will affect both state aided and independent schools across the denominations".

The only allowable test will be practice, and so children of a Jewish mother or father, or both, that are not practising will be at a disadvantage. Equally, someone with no Jewish lineage whatsoever could claim to be practising in order to apply for a place. Madonna would have a good claim!