12 July 2009

George Galloway & Hugo Chavez Team Up For Gaza

Well, you gotta hand it to George LOL. After going up against the Zionist Lobby in America with regards to the recent Convoy which just arrived in Egypt and seems to be having all sorts of trouble getting to Gaza. Galloway is having none of this, the next convoy has been announced, lifeline-3 and he's got a new member.....Hugo Chavez. I'm seriously loving this.

Galloway declares intention to organize lifeline-3 with participation of Chavez

British MP George Galloway has announced that he was planning a third charity convoy lifeline-3 with the participation of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Galloway told Egyptian newspaper 'Al-Masri Al-Youm' published on Saturday that he would continue to organize relief convoys to lift the siege on the Palestinians.

The MP, who is in Cairo to lead lifeline-2 convoy to the Gaza Strip with the participation of 200 Americans, said that the Zionist lobby in the USA tried to block the convoy with three requests with the American attorney general but failed.

He denied Israeli accusations that he was biased in favor of Hamas, saying that he was never a Hamas supporter but was a supporter of democracy that brought Hamas to power.

Galloway said that lifeline-2 includes an American congressman, a former congresswoman and the father of the director of the Democratic Party and his brother along with numerous other officials.

Gov’t committee against siege slams Egypt for not allowing in lifeline-2