28 July 2009

Iran Boycotts Israel

Awe, poor little Israel. Iran's great swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei refused to swim against an Israeli swimmer in the Beijing Olympics 2009 and he's refusing again in the World Championships in Rome now. Good for him, after all, why would he want to get into the water with someone from a rogue state with nukes, that continually threatens to bomb his peaceful country. I wonder if Israel will now attempt to have some law passed making it Illegal to refuse to swim with an Israeli swimmer. Like they recently did regarding the boycotting of Israel in Europe. Slowly, free choice is being stripped away, Israel will control you and you will submit
report from Ynet news: It seemed like a replay from the Beijing Olympic qualifiers for the men's 100 meter breaststroke. At the 2009 Swimming World Championships in Rome, Iranian swimmer Mohammad Alirezaei's refused to get in the water to race in the same heat as Israeli competitor Mickey Malul. Alirezaei declined Tuesday to be present poolside during the men's 50 meter breaststroke event.

This is not the first time the Iranian swimmer has refused to get in the water with an Israeli competitor. In the 2008 Olympics, Alirezaei withdrew from the men's 100 meter breaststroke against Israel's Tom Beeri, who finished 4th, leaving his lane empty during the heat.

Poor Israeli performance in the pool

Israeli performance at the worlds has been thus far underwhelming.