02 July 2009

Is You Jewish? If You IS Jewish, You In Trouble!!

A massive FAIL and racist BACKFIRE

Racist Zionist Entity agents practice racial/ethnic profiling at border crossings. This time instead of sussing out names that "sound" Arab, they were sussing out names that sound "Jewish" Cos you see, the Zionist Entity won't allow Jews to visit Gaza and return to Israel, because they might actually SEE the truth and start spreading it around. And Heaven Forbid we CAN'T have that now can we? It would spoil the propaganda Israel has spent billions on. So Yep, they thought they'd found a Jew attempting to visit Gaza and return to the Evil Rogue State. But, alas, they were fooled by their utter racist stupidity and instead stopped, questioned and detained for three hours "Naomi Klein" and her husband "Avi Lewis" Canadians ROFLMAO.

Canadian writer and activist Naomi Klein and her husband Avi Lewis, a documentary film director and a presenter on Al-Jazeera TV, were detained Monday while leaving Gaza for Israel. Yael Lerer, founder of the Andalus publishing house, said the two had been held for three and a half hours while she waited for them outside the crossing. Lewis said they were detained because their names sounded Jewish and Israeli to the soldiers; people with Israeli passports are forbidden from entering Gaza. They said Shin Bet security agents questioned Lewis while Klein stood by.

Klein, author of "No Logo" (published in Israel by Babel), is visiting here to promote her book "The Shock Doctrine," which Andalus is publishing in Hebrew. She arrived last Thursday night and took part in a demonstration against the separation fence near the West Bank village of Bil'in. She also had meetings at the American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, and spent two days in Gaza. Klein had called for a world-wide boycott of Israel during Operation Cast Lead last winter as a strategy to end the occupation. source


Anonymous said...

If you have a tic to hate and an itch to kill, chances are you is a inbred Euro.


Anonymous said...

of course they are Jewish

Free Palestine Writers said...


You said:
If you have a tic to hate and an itch to kill, chances are you is a inbred Euro.


I Say:
And you is an inbred cracker who is a racist bigot. So I is gonna halp you by talkin to you in yor kinda talk, so yall can understand. I is gonna go slow. So as to not confuse you none. You’re lyin’ like a no-legged dog so don't go gittin yer gussie up none cos you is racist. I kin see by yur “ROFLMAO” comment, that you must be Grinnin like a possum eatin a sweet tater thinking you is so “in-tell-i-gent” but you ain’t cos you is thicker than two short planks and If I had a dog as ugly as you, I’d shave his butt and make him walk backwards.

Did you git all that?

Now go play with your navel

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