15 July 2009


Israel is so fixated with Palestinians that they forget about looking for subversive people elsewhere. A violent neo-Nazi on the FBI most-wanted list, fled the US to Israel where he overstayed his visa and has been living happily among the other racists, until a few days ago when the "Penny Dropped" So, for all of Israel's so called "security" measures, they have this "massive fail"
Where's the last place you would look for a white supremacist on the run?

Micky Mayon, a violent neo-Nazi on the FBI most-wanted list, decided it had to be Israel. So for two years, the suspected KKK member laid low in the Jewish State after fleeing the United States.

Today, Mayon's luck ran out after undercover Israeli immigration police raided his Tel Aviv flat in the early hours.

Even then they were unaware that the man in their grasp was wanted for allegedly burning the car of a US judge who had ordered that he stand trial on firearms charges.

Mayon, 32, fled the United States on November 1, 2007, boarding a Continental Airlines flight to Tel Aviv. After arriving on a one-month tourist visa, he stayed on illegally. source


Anonymous said...

What about the local nazis and fascists.... some of whom are even members of the Israeli government??

Will they get the boot as well?

irish4palestine said...

Hi DP:):)

Well I wish it was so, but we won't see them go. Sheesh, that rhymed LOL I am just amazed that Israel had no idea firstly that this guy was on the FBI most wanted list AND GOT INTO ISRAEL, secondly, that he overstayed his visa.

I mean don't they work with interpol? Or perhaps they are just concerned with Arabs entering Israel.

PS can you ship some sunshine over here? have had none for weeks now, really depressing:)

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