27 July 2009

Leonard Cohen's NOT Warm Welcome in Ireland

Thanks to my "Pro Pal-Pal" for the reminder:)

Nothing to shout "Hallelujah" about I'm afraid. I know so many people who have waited ages to hear Cohen perform here. His music is well loved in Ireland, but he made a bit of a mistake deciding on the Tel Aviv concert. So, instead of shouts of Hallelujah, he was met with protests instead:
Irish Central is reporting this closer to home:

Legendary artist Leonard Cohen is in for a bit of flak tonight in Belfast as Palestinian Supporters are expected to picket his concert at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

The protests are against the Canadian singer’s decision to hold a concert in Tel Aviv in Israel on September 24. Cohen’s original plan was to hold a concert in Tel Aviv and also hold a concert on the West Bank.

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has also expressed its concern over the issue.

“The IPSC calls on Leonard Cohen not to visit Israel. We are calling on Cohen fans to use their influence with the singer not to break the growing boycott campaign against Israeli apartheid,” says the group on its website. The IPSC, which campaigns for justice for Palestinians by raising public awareness about the human rights issues, plans a leafleting campaign tonight with “Don’t Play in Israel,” flyers at the gig.


terry said...

Was going to write something till I read that on one hand you welcome comments, then inform us that if you don't agree with my views I'll be labelled an asshat. You would 'moderate' my views to the bin,so I've decided to feck off elsewhere and give my views to people who can listen to all points of view. Mr.Cohen got a much warmer welcome in Belfast than your lot did. Write your own comments.

irish4palestine said...


two things "terry" all blogs moderate comment either before or after posted due to people using vile language to either be truely anti-semitic or truly anti-muslim. We have friends who are jewish and muslim here and will not post comments that they would deem insulting.

secondly, we don't hide comments that are against our views so long as they are not OTT,we are ahppy to debate them, and additionally, we don't hide our profile or blog to the public either, unlike you. Hence you most likely were going to write something very offensive and probably do so as well with your blog as you are hidden from public view, so now who is being above board?

cheers mate

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