31 July 2009

"NAZI" Analogy OK To Use

After all the recent attempts and calls of Anti-Semitism for using the word "Nazi" in any analogy of the Zionist Rogue State's actions, today we see the "Nazi Analogy" AND "Zionist Blood Libel", both on the new "Anti-Semitism" list, being used by non-other than Jews in Israel. So, will they be arrested for Anti-Semitism should this legislation come into effect? Report:
Israel riots expose tension between orthodox Jews, state

Latest Jerusalem riots show rare unity among Jewish extremists in battling 'Nazi' Israeli authorities.

"Zionist blood libel!" blare hundreds of posters pasted on walls lining the streets of Jerusalem's reclusive Jewish ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood of Mea Shearim.

Prominent rabbis called for a mass mobilisation in protest at what they consider to be profaning the Sabbath, and for three straight weekends police clashed with thousands of stone- and nappy-throwing Haredim in and around Mea Shearim, bastion of the ultra-Orthodox community.
Sorry, the image of Israeli police being pelted with dirty diapers/Nappys is priceless, more:
"The Zionist-Hadassah-police axis of evil is in the process of vilifying us. An organised blood libel!" screams one of the hundreds of posters on the walls known as Pashkevils which present rabbinical decisions to the faithful.

The Orthodox Jewish community makes up about one third of Jerusalem's entire 750,000-strong population.

"The police and the media are using the same methods used by the Nazis to show that the Haredim are violent and evil," according to Yosef, a 26-year-old Haredi who refused to give his full name. more here

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realisiticbird said...

Hmmm, violent racists clashing with their own violent extremists….
Lol the nappies are worse than stones.

Thanks for the email :D

take care

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