09 July 2009

WATCH~Zionist NY Cop Attacks and Insults Woman

Many Thanks to "starlight" for sussing this video.

Somewhere in Israel, an illegal settlement village is missing their idiot...

This "cop" must have forgot he is not in Israel, but rather in the US where he can be held accountable for his behaviour. He insults this young small woman, then man handles her leaving bruises all over her leg and arm. Then when she complains about what he did, in typical "Israeli Perpetual Victim" fashion, makes false claims of "anti-Semitic" remarks, thank GOD there was an innocent bystander who witnessed the whole thingie. He should be fired for being a sexist man handling pig asshat eejit VIDEO BELOW

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Barbara L said...

Must be Abe Foxman in disguise or one of his kids.

I am surprised the dog did not get accused of anti semitism too. It might have growled when he manhandled his Mistress. And god only knows how anti semitic the growl of a small dog is!

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