05 August 2009

Abbas Goes Mental...Becomes Delusional

Abbas Goes Mental at FATAH Conference. Oh, where do I start, me says whilst shaking my head in disbelief. Here’s the subject of the opening statement from Abbas the dictator and Israeli Agent. Notice how he shoots himself in the foot (hint-bolded words are a clue):
Telegraph Mr Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority who is also known as Abu Mazen, said Hamas was guilty of polarizing the Palestinian people and usurping legitimate politicians after they won an election in Gaza but then ran Fatah out of the territory two years ago.
Let’s break this down; “Hamas was guilty of polarizing the Palestinian people and usurping legitimate politicians” So, because HAMAS won a legitimate election, monitored by international representatives, then declared to be legal and fair, this somehow translates into some evil plan to “polarize” Palestinians. I'd say there was a gaping polarization long before the first vote was cast! Ooooh, that’s the problem when you have open and free elections, sometimes they don’t’ go as you planned, its called democracy. Instead of rejecting their democratic mandate, perhaps Abbas should prove he supports the vote of the Palestinian people and form a Government with those who actually won the Majority of votes in the election, and btw, that would be HAMAS. They won 76 seats out of 132, which is a BIG majority. FATAH only took 43 seats, a CLEAR minority. Then after the Battle of Gaza in 2007, HAMAS was thrown out of the PNA in the West Bank, and replaced by FATAH and others. Leaving them only Gaza. Like I said, Abbas supports democracy when the results suit, just like Israel and America.

So, here’s the next bit of his statement that is massive BS; “usurping legitimate politicians after they won an election in Gaza” what? He just said HAMAS usurped “legitimate” politicians, after it “won” an election in “Gaza” Three big porkies in that statement. In fact, it is the other way round, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, a FATAH stronghold, HAMAS actually won ALL the seats except one that must be filled by a Christian. So, who is “usurping” who? And when Abbas makes the statement that HAMAS won in “Gaza” that is also a lie and covered in the above sentence as well where I point out HAMAS victory in Ramallah, clearly the West Bank and NOT Gaza. To address the next porkie pie lie, we can take a look at what was said immediately after the election in the West Bank by FATAH officials and the then FATAH Prime Minister:
Washington PostPrime Minister Ahmed Qureia, another Fatah leader, resigned his post along with his cabinet early Thursday, as reports of Hamas's victory began to circulate. Qureia acknowledged in submitting his resignation that Hamas had earned the right to form the next cabinet. This is the choice of the people," Qureia, a member of the party's discredited old guard who did not run for reelection, told reporters here. "It should be respected."
So, it is Abbas who is not respecting the Democratic Mandate of Palestinian voters, and here is part of the reason why:
Washington Post The election results stunned U.S. and Israeli officials, who have repeatedly stated that they would not work with a Palestinian Authority that included Hamas. Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said in a statement that the Palestinian people had "voted democratically and peacefully."
We clearly have a situation where once again America (and Israel) thought “wrongly” that FATAH would win the majority.America and Israel have no understanding of Muslims what so ever. As they did not, and the election was declared legal and democratic by Bush himself the day of the elections, but before he knew the outcome. Then when Israel, America and crooked corrupt FATAH don’t like the democratic results, they then begin to strip power from those who actually WERE elected. This is why any deal with FATAH and Israel will fail miserably without HAMAS being involved. If you make deals with the minority, then you cannot expect success. Ah, but never you mind, Israel and the US have a plan, which I will cover in another post.

And finally, I’m saying this now, something’s up with this conference and it’s not going to be fair and square. FATAH is in the midst of a split, they are terribly corrupt, they give everything to Israel and get nothing in return (witness all the settlements in the WEST bank, none in Gaza, wonder why?) Abbas has put off this conference for ages as he knew he did not have majority support even within his own party. The recent accusations on the death of Yassir Arafat are only one tiny aspect of the split. Given that Israel stated it would allow all FATAH members from GAZA to cross the border for the conference, and Israel also let out of jail other FATAH members, Israel is clearly attempting to pad the vote in favor of Abbas. And I’ll bet money that other FATAH members who are not in favor of Abbas will be denied entry. Abbas term as President ended in January, there is no way Abbas would have finally called the conference if he did not believe or know that he had the majority, he’d never risk being replaced otherwise. It’s an American/Israeli/FATAH fix, and it will end in tears for all…………..you heard it here first.