28 August 2009


Let's all support the "pretty" war crimes and IGNORE the "ugly" ones. That's what some Israeli's want us to do. I have a BIG point to make today regarding the Swedish article that has many in an uproar. If you can’t apply the same logic to one victim of a war crime, then you shouldn't believe any of them, this will be the “new” mantra of the Israeli government on the heels of the Swedish article. Aside from freedom of the press issues, what we are really talking about are “Crimes” and the reporting of alleged “Crimes” this is not Anti-Semitic. What this is really about, is furthering the censorship agenda by Israel and laying precedence for future rebuttal by Israel over War Crimes accusations. What's the difference between these:


Nothing, they are all war crimes, so why treat them any differently. But, we are meant to ignore these "ugly" war crimes, and support for Israel is coming from some unusual places. Today Israel is happy, it is happy because many Jews who were supportive of helping Palestine have now joined with the Israeli government over the Swedish article. The Israeli government will see this as a victory, a coming together of Jews, a chink in the armour of the peace movement and a call for censorship and a reining in of journalists who write about Israeli war crimes. Haaretz has become supportive of the Zionist plot to censor the media. Yesterday an entire piece was published HERE and another HERE regarding the Swedish article about Organ Harvesting from Palestinians. Why would they support the Israeli government stance on censoring these Swedish journalists, when Haaretz themselves have published hundreds of articles based on reports of alleged Palestinian victims of other Zionist war crimes. Why would self proclaimed pro-peace, pro-Palestinian equality Jews suddenly have a problem with this Swedish article? I wondered about that.

I can understand the horror of having to face the possibility that soldiers from Israel would be capable of such a crime. But, I am equally certain that the American public felt the same thing when American soldiers were first accused of the atrocities of rape, grotesque perverted torture in Abu Ghraib and make shift prisons in Iraq. That is, until more came out over years of journalists doing interviews with alleged victims. However, leading up to what is now common belief about the American military actions regarding those events which were common place and emanated from high above within the American government no less; there were hundreds of stories reported, years before anything was proven. Amazingly enough, we did not see the American Bush government strong arming other countries with threats about publishing reports based on statements of alleged victims or witnesses. Of course we did see counter reporting and statements from the American government and military as expected. But that is fair game, fair reporting and fair journalism, FREEDOM of the press, let the reader make up their own minds. It is not censorship, it is not threats, and it is not creating an international crisis over an article about an alleged war crime. So, why is Israel allowed to get away with this now? And more importantly why would anyone purporting to want justice for Palestinians support Israel in it's attempts to censor journalists.

What about war crimes? How are they to ever be uncovered or investigated if the victims and witnesses are never allowed to tell their story because the crime is “too gruesome” to fathom. Using this type of mentality the abuse and torture in Abu Ghraib would have never seen the light of day.

And to the defenders of Haaretz and Israel’s stance over this: What about the Rabbi’s in New Jersey, or Bernie Madoff? Is the reporting of those crimes “Anti-Semitic” as some have claimed in Israeli papers who called the FBI investigation an “anti-Semitic plot?”

Reporting crimes is not anti-Semitic. Crimes like these have recently been committed by Rabbis in New Jersey with links to Israel. Those rabbis were capable of getting kidneys from Israel and selling them. Where did they get them from and who supplied them? In that light, I should think that these new recent claims should be investigated, instead of covered up by threats and intimidation. Where are the threats to sue America and the FBI for investigating and arresting these Rabbi criminals? Where is the international crisis over this? Same thing, it’s all about illegal organ trafficking, the only difference is one takes place in America, and one takes place in Palestine. However, they are, as usual, not treated equally. And guess which side gets the lopsided treatment? Never mind though, as I’m 100% sure that before this FBI case comes to trial, the organ trafficking part will be dropped as a favour to Israel. AIPAC will get going soon and begin their arm twisting and bribing for Israel as is standard operating procedure in America.

Until now, many in the Israeli peace movement have supported investigation into Zionist war crimes. Those War crimes were drawn up on reports by alleged witnesses and victims who are Palestinian. Going back to the Palestinians who made the recent claim about Organ trade, I ask this: What is the distinction between believing the statements of Palestinians who said Israel dropped white phosphorous on civilians, or shot at point blank range a Palestinian child, or kidnapping and interning a Palestinian without trail for years, or taking control of a Palestinian home during “Cast Lead” and then urinating and defecating all over it. Shooting innocent people at checkpoints, removing Palestinians from their homes, Settlers shooting and murdering Palestinians with the support of the IDF and government. Letting Palestinian children die for lack of treatment and supplies, starving people, forcing them to live for generations in refugee camps whilst they still have the keys to their homes which you stole. How is it “ok” to believe all of this on the words of Palestinian witnesses and victims, yet NOT apply the same logic to the organ harvesting claims of abuse, also coming from Palestinians who claim they are victims? War crimes are just that and some are more gruesome than others, but they are still war crimes, and those victims have the right to tell their story just the same as the victims of white phosphorous or any other Palestinian who has been a victim during Israel’s siege and genocide.

Is this an ugly subject? Yes it is, and it is understandable why Israelis find it distasteful. But it may be true, and by attempting to defend this or by supporting the Israel government stance, people are effectively helping to lay precedence. Meaning that this same “logic” will now be used by Israel to deflect from other war crimes Israeli’s see as “less ghoulish and ugly” but they are STILL war crimes and people were STILL left dead. Being murdered at a checkpoint or having white phosphorous dropped on your head may be more palatable than having ones organs removed, but both victims are dead. And that’s the reality. Now here are a few examples of this same “logic” on journalism, note the irony:

1. America demands that all journalists stop writing about Iraqi war atrocities committed by American soldiers, this includes all articles about torture and abuse both in Iraq and Abu Ghraib detention centre. As this type of reporting of alleged victims stories are nothing more than Anti-American journalism and should not be allowed.

2. Iran demands journalists immediately stop publishing articles about its President and elections. As these articles are based on reports from unverified Internet sources they are clearly biased and are anti-Iranian in nature. Additionally, Iran insists that reporters stop publishing reports that say Iran is making a nuclear weapon. There is no evidence of this, yet these reports continue on a daily basis. They are clearly designed to fan the flames of Anti-Iranian hatred, and as such should stop being published immediately.

3. Germany demands all journalists write no more articles about Hitler, the Holocaust, or German Nazi death camp crimes, as these articles are clearly anti-German journalism. Stories from alleged witnesses and victims are clearly racist and anti-German.

Imagine if Germany had taken the same stance as Israel now. What if Germany had censored journalists from ever writing about crimes from alleged victims of Nazi torture and death camps. It was the Jewish victims personal stories that uncovered Israel’s “holy grail holocaust” and the Palestinians should have the same right to tell their stories. Even if they are just as hard to hear as the Nazi stories were to Germans, or the Iraqi torture stories were to Americans.

We can never have an investigation, because Israel does not cooperate. There will never be any investigation our outcome as was in America over Abu Ghraib. So, all we have are the stories of the victims, and now Israel wants to stop them from talking. I’m done here, point made.


Sheilanagig said...

War crimes...let me see....the world needs to apologise to Israel or....

Israel needs to apologise to the world...

I don't think I will hold my breath for either.

realisticbird said...


Excellent points, I don't understand either why some would think shooting a child in front of their parents in Gaza is less of a crime than of organ harvesting. Why is the latter more disturbing than the first? Why is carpet bombing civilian houses less horrific to them? The Israeli society is so diseased that because they commit the crimes of killing Palestinians almost daily in the name of fighting terror they are accustomed to it.

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