29 September 2009


No, not to the Government of Egypt, but to the people of Egypt! This comes on the heels of the BIG vote in England by the Unions to boycott Israel, but God Bless the Egyptians,they take it 10 steps further:
Egypt media group agrees on massive Israel boycott

The board of directors of the powerful Egyptian media group Al-Ahram has decided to boycott Israel and Israelis of all positions, the London-based Arabic-language daily Asharq Alawsat reported yesterday.

The Al-Ahram group is considered the most powerful media outlet in Egypt. Al-Ahram publishes newspapers considered the official mouthpiece of the Egyptian government.

The boycott, approved by a majority of nine board members over six following a heated debate, includes a ban on meeting with and interviewing Israelis, and a ban on participation in events in which Israelis are taking part.

According to the report, the board of directors also banned Israelis from entering the Al-Ahram offices. The ban includes Israeli diplomats stationed in Egypt.

During the same meeting, it was decided to take action against Dr. Hala Moustafa, the editor of Al-Ahram's Democracy magazine, for meeting with Israeli ambassador Shalom Cohen earlier this month.
Go Egypt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ehab said...

Its a good fair step
but we still have to do more

Irish4Palestine said...


It is people like these Egyptians and thsoe of us around the world who refuse allow Palestine to be destroyed, whilst Israel strangles the life out of it.

What the Egyptian media did was brilliant. But you are are right, we all need to do more, and one day Palestine will be free inshallah

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